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Message ID: 99     Entry time: Tue Oct 5 12:51:16 2010
Author: Aidan 
Type: Laser 
Category: Hartmann sensor 
Subject: Variable power in two beams of cross-sampling experiment 

The SLED in the cross-sampling experiment produces unpolarized light at 980nm. So I added a PBS after the output and then a HWP (for 1064nm sadly) after that. In this way I produced linearly p-polarized light from the PBS. Then I could rotate it to any angle by rotating the HWP. The only drawback was that the HWP was only close to half a wave of retardation at 980nm. As a result, the output from this plate became slightly elliptically polarized.

The beam then went into another PBS which split it into two beams in a Michelson-type configuration (REFL and TRANS beams) - see attached image. By rotating the HWP I could vary the relative amount of power in the two arms of the Michelson. The two beams were retro-reflected and we then incident onto a HWS.

I measured the power in the REFL beam relative to the total power as a function of the HWP angle. The results are shown in the attached plot.


Attachment 1: test002_two_beams_on_HWS_analyze.pdf  5 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: Hartmann_Enclosure_Diagram__x-sampling.png  366 kB  Uploaded Tue Oct 5 14:54:07 2010  | Hide | Hide all
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