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Message ID: 89     Entry time: Mon Aug 9 10:58:37 2010
Author: Aidan 
Type: Laser 
Category: SLED 
Subject: SLED 15-day trend 

 Here's a plot of the 15-day output of the SLED.

Currently there is an 980nm FC/APC fiber-optic patch-cord attached to the SLED. It occurred to me this morning that even though the patch cord is angle-cleaved, there may be some back-reflection than desired because the SLED output is 830nm (or thereabouts) while the patch cord is rated for 980nm.

 I'm going to turn off the SLED until I get an 830nm patch-cord and try it then. 

Correction: I removed the fiber-optic connector and put the plastic cap back on the SLED output. The mode over-lap (in terms of area) from the reflection off the cap with the output from the fiber is about 1 part in 1000. So even with 100% reflection, there is less than the 0.3% danger level coupled back into the fiber. The SLED is on again.

Attachment 1: SLED_superlum_long_term_test_0005A_annotated_15-day_result.pdf  17 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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