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Entry  Fri Jul 30 19:22:24 2010, Aidan, Computing, EPICS, Waveform Channel Access for storing centroids 
    Reply  Fri Jul 30 21:19:05 2010, Aidan, Computing, EPICS, Waveform Channel Access for storing centroids 
Message ID: 85     Entry time: Fri Jul 30 19:22:24 2010     Reply to this: 86
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: EPICS 
Subject: Waveform Channel Access for storing centroids 

 A waveform channel was added to the HWS softIoc on hartmann. This allows arrays of data to be stored in a single channel. It's not clear whether it is storing this data as a set of number or strings. However, the values can be changed by the following command:

caput -a -n C4:TCS-HWS_CENTROIDSX 5 1,2,3,4,5

Although the <no of values> entry doesn't seem to actual enforce anything - you can have more or less values than this in the array and they are still added to the channel. What does seem to be necessary is no spaces between the commas and the values of the array.

This also works:

[controls@fb1 cds]$ caput -a -n C4:TCS-HWS_CENTROIDSX 2 1,2,3n
Old : C4:TCS-HWS_CENTROIDSX          1,2,35.4342 
New : C4:TCS-HWS_CENTROIDSX          1,2,3n 
which suggests that this is really a string variable - even with the -n enforce. The cainfo command suggests this as well. 

[controls@fb1 cds]$ cainfo C4:TCS-HWS_CENTROIDSX
    State:         connected
    Access:        read, write
    Data type:     DBR_STRING (native: DBF_STRING)
    Element count: 1

Usage: caput [options] <PV name> <PV value>

       caput -a [options] <PV name> <no of values> <PV value> ...

  -h: Help: Print this message

Channel Access options:

  -w <sec>:  Wait time, specifies longer CA timeout, default is 1.000000 second

Format options:

  -t: Terse mode - print only sucessfully written value, without name

Enum format:

  Default: Auto - try value as ENUM string, then as index number

  -n: Force interpretation of values as numbers

  -s: Force interpretation of values as strings


  -a: Put array

      Value format: number of requested values, then list of values


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