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Entry  Wed Jul 28 18:32:12 2010, Aidan, Electronics, SLED, SLED long term test - Day 2 SLED_superlum_long_term_test_0003A.pdf
    Reply  Thu Jul 29 10:09:19 2010, Aidan, Electronics, SLED, SLED long term test - Day 2 superlum_SLED_ATR.pdf
Message ID: 81     Entry time: Thu Jul 29 10:09:19 2010     In reply to: 80
Author: Aidan 
Type: Electronics 
Category: SLED 
Subject: SLED long term test - Day 2 

I've attached the Acceptance Test Report data from SUPERLUM for this SLED. I've also determined the expected percentage decrease in power/photo-current per mA drop in forward current.

The measured decrease in forward current over the last 2 1/2 days is around 1.4mA from around 111mA. The expected drop in power is thus (4.5% per mA)*(1.4mA) = 6.3%.

The drop in photo-current is around 37.5mA to 35mA = 2.5mA. The percentage drop is around 100*(2.5mA)/(36.3mA) = 6.9%. 

Therefore, the drop in measured power is consistent with what we would expect given the decrease in forward current (which is consistent with the drop in the set point). Why the set-point is dropping is still a mystery.


Here's the data from the last 2 1/2 days of running the SLED. The decrease in photo-current measured by the on-board photo-detector is consistent with the decrease in the current set-point and the delivered current, but it is not clear why these should be changing.

Strictly speaking I should add some analysis that shows that delta_PD_voltage_measured = delta_I_set_measured * [delta_PD_voltage/delta_I_set (I_set)]_calculated ...


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