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Message ID: 75     Entry time: Sun Jul 25 16:24:56 2010
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: SLED 
Subject: Superlum SLED test integrated with DAQ - new channel names 

 I added some new channels to the Athena DAQ that record the diagnostic channels from the Superlum SLED.

  • C4:TCS-ATHENA_I_SET_VOLTS:  - the set current signal in Volts (1V = 1A)
  • C4:TCS-ATHENA_I_ACTUAL_VOLTS:   - a signal proportional to the actual current flowing to the SLED (1V = 1A)
  • C4:TCS-ATHENA_I_LIM_VOLTS: - the current limit signal in volts (1V = 1A)
  • C4:TCS-ATHENA_TEMP_SENS_V:   - the signal from the on-board temperature sensor [thermistor] (1V = 10kOhm ?)
  • C4:TCS-ATHENA_PD_VOLTAGE: - the signal from the on-board photodetector (1V = 1A?)

The ioc that handles the EPICS channels is on tcs_daq( in /target/TCS_westbridge.db

The channels are added to the frame builder in /cvs/cds/caltech/chans/daq/C4TCS.ini

Currently, the driver for the SLED is ON but the current to the SLED is off. This is to check that the zero value of the PD_VOLTAGE signal doesn't wander.

Also, the input noise of the Athena is around +/- 10 counts (where 2^15 counts = 10V) which is a pretty poor 3mV.

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