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Message ID: 52     Entry time: Thu Jun 17 22:03:51 2010
Author: James K 
Type: Misc 
Category: Hartmann sensor 
Subject: SURF Log -- Day 2, Getting Started 

For Thursday, June 17:

Today I attended a basic laser safety training orientation, the second Introduction to LIGO lecture, a Summer Research Student Safety Orientation, and an Orientation for Non-Students living on campus (lots of mandatory meetings today). I met with Dr. Willems and Dr. Brooks in the morning and went over some background information regarding the project, then in the afternoon I got an idea of where I should progress from here from talking with Dr. Brooks. I read over the paper "Adaptive thermal compensation of test masses in advanced LIGO" and the LIGO TCS Preliminary Design document, and did some further reading in the Brooks thesis.

I'm making a little bit of progress with accessing the Hartmann lab computer with Xming but got stuck, and hopefully will be able to sort that out in the morning and progress to where I want to be (I wasn't able to get much further than that, since I can't access the Hartmann computer in the lab currently due to laser authorization restrictions). I'm currently able to remotely open an X terminal on the server but wasn't able to figure out how to then be able to log in to the Hartmann computer. I can do it via SSH on that terminal, of course, but am having the same access restrictions that I was getting when I was logging in to the Hartmann computer via SSH directly from my laptop (i.e. I can log in to the Hartmann computer just fine, and access the camera and framegrabber programs, but for the vast majority of the stuff on there, including MATLAB, I don't have permissions for some reason and just get 'access denied'). I'm sure that somebody who actually knows something about this stuff will be able to point out the problem and point me in the right direction fairly quickly (I've never used SSH or the X Window system before, which is why it's taking me quite a while to do this, but it's a great learning experience so far at least).

Goals for tomorrow: get that all sorted out and learn how to be able to fully access the Hartmann computer remotely and run MATLAB off of it. Familiarize myself with the camera program. Set the camera into test pattern mode and use the 'take' programs to retrieve images from it. Familiarize myself with the 'take' programs a bit and the various options and settings of them and other framegrabber programs. Get MATLAB running and use fread to import the image data arrays I take with the proper data representation (uint16 for each array entry). Then, set the camera back to recording actual images, take those images from the framegrabber and save them, then import them into MATLAB. I should familiarize myself with the various settings of the camera at this stage, as well.



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