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Message ID: 27     Entry time: Tue May 4 09:18:15 2010
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: Hartmann sensor 
Subject: Added aliases and icons for EPICS commands and dataviewer etc. to hartmann 

I updated the .bashrc file in controls@hartmann to include aliases for the ezca EPICS commands and a few others. Details shown below:

Also added launchers to the top panel for MATLAB, sitemap, dataviewer and StripTool. The icons for the launchers are located in:


Changes to .bashrc

alias dv="/cvs/opt/apps/Linux/dataviewer/dataviewer"
alias StripTool = "/cvs/opt/apps/Linux/medm/bin/StripTool"
alias medm="/cvs/opt/apps/Linux/medm/bin/medm"
alias sitemap='medm -x /cvs/cds/caltech/medm/c2/atf/C2ATF_MASTER.adl'

# EPICS aliases
alias ezcademod="/cvs/opt/apps/Linux/gds/bin/ezcademod"
alias ezcaread="/cvs/opt/apps/Linux/gds/bin/ezcaread"
alias ezcaservo="/cvs/opt/apps/Linux/gds/bin/ezcaservo"
alias ezcastep="/cvs/opt/apps/Linux/gds/bin/ezcastep"
alias ezcaswitch="/cvs/opt/apps/Linux/gds/bin/ezcaswitch"
alias ezcawrite="/cvs/opt/apps/Linux/gds/bin/ezcawrite"

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