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Message ID: 240     Entry time: Mon Aug 12 21:15:12 2019
Author: Edita Bytyqi 
Type: Electronics 
Subject: Determining heater/reflector focus 

I took images of the heat pattern projected on a piece of paper produced by the semi-circle reflector. I used 108V to drive current throught he heater. I tested the reflector without any coating and then with the dull and shiny sides of Al foil. I wasn't able to test the focal-point cut reflector because I had to glue a screw to it with epoxy which cures overnight. I will do these measurements tomorrow. Figure 2 shows the setup I used to get the data. The shiny side of Al foil is better at IR, so we will use that for the wavefront measurements.

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Attachment 2: 20190812_151258.jpg  4.062 MB  Uploaded Mon Aug 12 22:29:32 2019  | Hide | Hide all
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