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Message ID: 239     Entry time: Fri Aug 9 20:33:11 2019
Author: Jon 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Ring Heater 
Subject: Power-regulated heater ready to use 

Despite some considerable time spent, I was not able to get the Omega SCR controllers working. The first unit definitely arrived damaged. None of its LED indicator lights ever functioned, despite those on the second controller working fine under the same setup. I tried swapping in the second controller, but it has no voltage output and a red LED is illuminated which, according to the manual, means "malfunction on trigger board" or "open SCR."  Either way, the remedy is to "consult factory."

Since we have get moving with data collection, I installed a simple variable transformer (borrowed from the 40m) which steps up/down the AC voltage from 0-120 V with the turn of a knob. I soldered the leads of one of the heaters to a standard power cable which plugs directly into the transformer. I have tested it and confirmed it to work.

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