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Message ID: 229     Entry time: Mon Jun 17 20:29:34 2019
Author: Jon 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: Computing 
Subject: Server rack cleaned up, new workstation installed 

In anticipation of the point absorber SURF project, I cleaned up the server rack and installed a new workstation today.

The workstation replaces the old one, whose hard drive had failed, with a more powerful machine. The hostname (tcs-ws), IP address (, user name (controls), and standard password (written in the secret place) are all the same as before.

I moved the control consol from its old spot in the back corner of the lab to the bench beside the rack. This is a more convenient location because the Hartmann sensor realtime GUIs can now be easily seen from the optical tables. I mounted the HWS machine in the rack as well and reconnected the video multiplexer to all the machines.

I tested the Hartmann sensor Python software and confirmed it to be working. It required a minor bug fix to the realtime gradient field GUI code. It seems that since this script was last run, the input data file type has switched from pickled numpy to HDF5.

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