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Entry  Thu Aug 16 11:52:27 2018, Aidan, Computing, DAQ, Added AWC thermocouple reader back to acromag1 
    Reply  Wed Oct 17 16:17:45 2018, awade, Aidan, Computing, DAQ, Added AWC thermocouple reader back to acromag1 TCSIOCFILS.tar.gz
Message ID: 222     Entry time: Wed Oct 17 16:17:45 2018     In reply to: 221
Author: awade, Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: Added AWC thermocouple reader back to acromag1 

Acromag IOC process was removed from PSL lab acromag1 computer a few months ago.  Aidan needs them again but it would be better if it were run from TCS lab computers.

An instance of the modbus IOC is now running on tcs-ws within a docker container.  Docker is named tcslabioc.  Configuration files are located in ~/modbus.  Instructions on how to use the docker are located in ATF:2249.  To install docker see google.

To set up the specific instance in the TCS lab run

>sudo docker run -dt --name tcslabioc -v /home/controls/modbus/test_acromag.cmd:/home/modbus/IOCStart.cmd -v /home/controls/modbus:/home/modbus -p 5064:5064 -p 5065:5065 -p 5064:5064/udp -p 5065:5065/udp andrewwade/modbusepicsdocker 

Then whenever you want to stop, run:

> sudo docker stop tcslabioc

or to restart run

>sudo docker restart tcslabioc. 

So if you update the .cmd or .db files just run the restart command above and the channels should automatically update when it reboots. For other cleanup and control commands see docker documentation.  It can also be configured to keep alive on system reboot.

The cmd and db files are included below in the attachments for reference. 


  • Thermcouple reader is plugged into an Acromag ADC (
  • acromag1 is now reading this in:
    • ~/modbus/iocBoot/iocTest/test_acromag.cmd (contains ip address of ADC)
    • ~/modbus/db/TEMPMONCHANS.db (contains the EPICS channel definitions and calibration of thermocouple reader)
  • C4:AWC-TEMPMON_C (output channel)

Restored work done in http://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8080/TCS_Lab/201





Attachment 1: TCSIOCFILS.tar.gz  756 Bytes  Uploaded Wed Oct 17 17:28:28 2018
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