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Message ID: 220     Entry time: Fri Aug 3 15:46:12 2018
Author: Aria Chaderjian 
Type: Laser 
Category: General 
Subject: August 3, 2018 

To the best of my ability, calculated the magnification of the plane of the test optic relative to the HWS (2.3) and input this value.

Increased the temperature slightly and saved data points of defocus to txt files when temperature leveled out. This was a slow process, as it takes a while for things to level out. I only got up to about 28.5C, and will need to continue this process.

I also plotted the best-fit defocus for each temperature from COMSOL (Temperature vs. Defocus), and looking at values from HWS it seems that we're off by a normalization factor of approx. 4.

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