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Entry  Thu Apr 22 01:48:33 2010, Won Kim, Computing, Frame Grabber, from the manual install.pdf 
    Reply  Thu Apr 22 08:22:18 2010, Aidan, Computing, Frame Grabber, from the manual install.pdf 
Message ID: 22     Entry time: Thu Apr 22 01:48:33 2010     Reply to this: 24
Author: Won Kim 
Type: Computing 
Category: Frame Grabber 
Subject: from the manual install.pdf 


Regarding the installation of EDT software, I overlooked a note from the install.pdf  file.


The gist of it is that if the scripts do not run, then remount the CD-ROM by typing the



mount /mnt/cdrom -o remount,exec


which will then allow the scripts to be run. The directory /mnt/cdrom should be changed if

the cdrom is mounted somewhere else. (The note can be found in the page 1 of the file



Unfortunately I don't have linux installed at the moment so I cannot test this. My computer was

reinstalled with Windows XP, the previous CentOS system being wiped out. However if this works,

then there is probably no need to copy the files to the hard drive. 

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