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Message ID: 217     Entry time: Fri Jul 13 16:42:50 2018
Author: Aria Chaderjian 
Type: Laser 
Category: General 
Subject: July 13, 2018 

The table is set up. The HWS and SLED were moved slightly, and a minimal angle between the test mirror and HWS was achieved.

There are two possible locations for the f=60mm lens that will achieve appropriate magnification onto the HWS: 64cm or 50 cm from the f=200mm lens. 

At 64cm away, approximately 79000 saturated pixels and 1054 average value.

At 50cm away, approximately 22010 saturated pixels and 1076 average value.

Currently the setup is at 64cm. Could afford to be more magnified, so might want to move the f=60mm lens around. Also, if we're going to need to be able to access the HWS (i.e. to screw on the array) we might want to move to the 50cm location.

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