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Message ID: 215     Entry time: Tue Jul 10 17:49:13 2018
Author: Aria Chaderjian 
Type: Laser 
Category: General 
Subject: July 10, 2018 

Went down to the lab and showed Rana the setup. He's fine with me being down there as long as I let someone know. He also recommended using an adjustable mount  (three screws) for the test mirror instead of the mount with top bolt and two nubs on the bottom - he thinks the one with three screws as constraints for the silica will be easier to model (and be more symmetric constraints)

Mounted the f=8" lens (used a 2" pedestal) and placed it on the table so the image fit well on the CCD and so a sharp object in front of the lens resulted in a sharp image. The beam was clipping the f=4" lens (between gold mirror and test mirror) so I spent time moving that gold mirror and the f=4" lens around. I'll still need to finish up that setup.


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