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Entry  Thu Nov 9 14:18:56 2017, Aidan, Computing, DAQ, FB4 ip address has changed 
    Reply  Wed May 30 18:59:49 2018, awade, Computing, DAQ, FB4 ip address has changed 
Message ID: 202     Entry time: Thu Nov 9 14:18:56 2017     Reply to this: 213
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: FB4 ip address has changed 

We've had trouble logging into FB4. I access the computer directly in the AWC lab and found that the IP address had changed from to

I'm not sure how this happened. It's possible that the IP address is not set to a static value and FB4 was rebooted. I'm not familar with Debian so I don't know where to look to find whether the IP address is static or not.

The DAQD is still running.

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