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Message ID: 195     Entry time: Tue Oct 24 15:05:57 2017
Author: Jon Richardson 
Type: Computing 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Installed a Realtime Beam Profiler for the Mako CCD Camera 

Aidan found a C demo code for acquiring a single image from the Mako CCD camera and saving it to disk (SynchronousGrab -- aliased on tcs-ws as makoGrab). I wrapped that inside my realtime HWS beam profiler code to create a realtime beam profiler for the Mako camera. The interface is identical to that for the HWS.

The Mako camera is running on the tcs-ws machine ( and is launched from the console via the command


It is currently configured to write a raw image to the local frame archive every 5 seconds (it prints the write location in the console), which can be disabled by setting the "-d" flag.

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