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Message ID: 19     Entry time: Thu Apr 15 01:47:47 2010
Author: Won Kim 
Type: Computing 
Category: Hartmann sensor 
Subject: Notes on installing EDT PCIe4 DV frame grabber 
* EDT PCIe4 DV frame grabber: installation notes for linux system 


Main issue I encountered was the fact that most of the shell scripts
did not run by simply entering them. It's bit strange because if you
do ls -al to view the file lists they are made executable. So it's
possible that others don't encounter the same kind of problems as I

However, if one executes the command "./linux.go", for example, and
receives the message saying

 bash: ./linux.go: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied

then one may follow the steps I took as below.

1. Make a folder to put the content of CD, for example:

     mkdir ~/fgdriver

2. Copy the content of the CD-ROM to the folder.

3. Go to the folder.

     cd ~/fgdriver

4. Change or check the mode of the following script files (using the 
   command chmod) to be executable (using "chmod a+x filename"):


     ~/fgdriver/linux/EDTpdv/installpdv (this one should already be 


5. run ./linux.go and choose DV by clicking it.


I am assuming that the programming language Tcl is already installed
in the machine. CentOS 5.4 that I have installed came with Tcl. If Tcl
is not installed, I think that linux.go will run cli_startmenu.sh
instead (located in the same directory as linux.go). So make sure
cli_startmenu.sh is executable (see step 4).

6. Choose default installation directory and start installation


In my first attempt to install the files, the installation message
window hung after displaying many lines of "........". That was
because the file setup.sh was not made executable (see step 4). So I
made setup.sh executable, ran linux.go again, then I could see further
messages flowing through (basically compiling c source files). I'm not
sure whether others will enounter the exactly same problem though.

7. After the installation completes, go to the /opt/EDTpdv folder.

     cd /opt/EDTpdv

8. Final Step: Make edt_load and edt_unload executable. (See step 4)


Most of the other executables we need for running the frame
grabber/camera should already be executable at this point; but somehow
in my installation the above two files were not made executable. I
again do not know whether others will experience the same
problem. Since there are lots of executables generated when
installation completes, I advise that, whenever a certain command does
not run, one should check if that command file is executable or not.


Please let me know if you find any parts of the above confusing. I will
do my best to clarify.
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