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Message ID: 184     Entry time: Wed Apr 26 15:29:25 2017
Author: Aidan 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Hartmann sensor 
Subject: Long term test of fiber launcher 

I've started a long-term measurement of the HWS fiber-launcher. I'm interested in seeing how stable the output is. The HWS is currently running in the following configuration:

  • SLED: QFLD-635-1S (635nm, 1mW) - current driver set to 38.02mA, thermistor set point = 10.778kOhm
  • SLED coupled to patch cable
  • Patch cable coupled to Newport fiber launcher FPR1-C1A which contains a FPH-CA4 fiber optic chuck (FC/APC connector). All grub screws are tighten on this (two for holding chuck, one for roll motion, one for X translation lock and one for Y translation lock)
  • Output of fiber hits a 100m focal length lens (SPX043AR.16 BBAR 0.65 - 1.0um) placed approximately 100mm from the fiber output
  • Output of lens is projected approximately 125mm onto the HWS where it is centered on the HWS plate

The HWS is currently running at 57Hz. The HWS code is running on HWS ( It is the same as the site code with some modifications to determine information about the Gaussian beam envelope. The following data is written to file on the HWS machine in files containing 10,000 cycles. Each cycle (or row) the following data is recorded:

  • Envelope peak intensity
  • Envelope X centroid
  • Envelope Y centroid
  • Envelope X width
  • Envelope Y width

These are saved to files on the HWS machine: ~/framearchive/C4/HWSlongterm/<GPSTIME>_CIT_HWS.txt

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