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Message ID: 14     Entry time: Thu Feb 11 21:46:23 2010
Author: Aidan 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Ring Heater 
Subject: Ring heater time constant measurement - start time 

After leaving the ring heater off for several hours I turned on a 40V, 0.2A supply at a gps time of 949 988 700

The channel recording the PD response is C2:ATF-TCS_PD_HGCDTE_OUT.

However, there is a delay between the time at which something is supposed to be recorded and the time at which it is recorded. I looked at the GPS clock and it read that time when I started the heater voltage. If you play the channel back in dataviewer you see the temperature start to increase around 80s BEFORE the heater current was switched on. This needs to be calibrated away!!!

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