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Message ID: 123     Entry time: Tue Mar 8 18:48:00 2011
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: Hartmann sensor 
Subject: HWS code is running and recording centroids 

The Hartmann sensor is running continuously and is now recording data to file. The formatting has changed slightly with the data now stored in structures called store_measurement every 200s in files in the following way:

  • store_measurement(ii).centroids - the ii-th centroids
  • store_measurement(ii).intensities - the ii-th intensity list
  • store_measurement(ii).time - the time of the ii-th measurement

The files are stored in ~/Hartmann_Sensor_Data/centroids/<GPSTIME rounded to nearest 4E4 seconds>/<GPSTIME rounded to nearest 2E2 seconds>_<subname>.mat


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