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Message ID: 121     Entry time: Tue Mar 8 11:30:26 2011
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: Hartmann sensor 
Subject: Hartmann sensor code changes and NTP server 

I've made the following changes to the Hartmann sensor code and to the machine running the HWS.

  • Machine name is now princess_sparkle (
  • I set up ntpd on that machine to sync the clock to GPS - roughly.
  • I added a MATLAB function (store_current_centroids.m) to the Hartmann sensor that saves the centroids and peak intensities to file in GPS labeled files
  • ~/Hartmann_Sensor_Data/centroids/<GPSTIME1>/<GPSTIME2>/<GPSTIME>_<name>.mat

GPSTIME1 = floor(GPSTIME/4E4)*4E4

GPSTIME2 = floor(GPSTIME/2E2)*2E2

I had to add a line in the run_acquire_auto.m script to accommodate this new function and I had to add a function that calculates the peak intensities to the HS_Centroids.m class.

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