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Message ID: 115     Entry time: Mon Feb 28 17:56:32 2011
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: Hartmann sensor 
Subject: Got HWS code running and interface to EPICS 

Here are the notes from today's efforts:



- When you 'Run_HWS' in MATLAB and the camera has not been initialized, it says the camera is not accessible. Either that or you need to run 'sudo matlab' (no, sudo doesn't help)

- In Ubuntu have to run '/opt/EDTpdv/initcam -f ~/dalsa_1m60.cfg' to start the camera

- Now have to install MCA

- MCA installed by is crashing MATLAB - not sure why. Maybe its a 'sudo' problem again?
- sudo matlab has the following problem:
??? Invalid MEX-file
libdbStaticHost.so.3.14: cannot open shared object file: No such file or
- adjusting Makefile for MCA to include the correct suffix for a Linux based MEX file ('mexa64', not 'mexglnx') gets the program to compile correctly and then MATLAB runs MCA fine.

- Running 'Run_HWS' with EPICS running but no channels crashes the program

- copy the HWS.db file to the EPICS db location

- cannot create the matlab images folder when the program runs.
- created these manually
- program is trying to adjust the maximum pixel count - it is failing and the camera is complaining (intensity is quite low right now)
- why exposure mode 6? - requires an external SYNC signal
- can't handle low exposure - FIX THIS!!
- why is the expsoure time increased in stepwise fashion? Use algorithm!
      - Commenting this out!!
    - same for the secondary beam
- After running State 1 it asks to continue to State 2 - if you select 'n' the program crashes

- steered beam properly onto HWS
- continue to State 2 - 'yes' crashes the program
- HS_report is doesn't work
- commented out lines 37 to 47

- get rid of constant requests to continue [run_acquire_auto.m]
- change names of EPICS variables [done]
- add an RMS variable
- the named EPICS variables need to be dynamically named rather than statically named.

run_acquire_auto.m CHANGES
0. Update sensor date: mres = 'y'
1. pres = 'n'; - don't update reference centroids
2. sres = 'n'; - don't update secondary reference centroids
3. select probe beam commented out
4. select secondary beam commented out
5. State 2B - select probe live commented out
6. set user_response = 'y' for continue

A1 - added a loopcounter that starts at zero. the first loop includes user prompts and then they're bypassed in subsequent loops.


-Seidel aberration fitting seems wrong - not resembling the integrated field
- get rid of the constant pop ups
- have a network license EPICS variable
- how many images are used for reference image?
    - added a variable in run_acquire_auto.m :
        - no_of_cim_ref = 200; (no_of_cim = 5 images was previous)
    - changed the averaging in reference image acquisition from
        - "no_of_cim" to "no_of_cim_ref"
    - didn't change the take command from 5 to 200 images
- commented out lines 239-242 in run_initialize - gives a second way to start run_acquire.m
- probe and secondary beams share the probe background - deliberate?
- average all the images and save as a single matlab 16-bit array
- what is the rms noise as a function of the reference image number of averages?

Changing the EPICS variable names.
1. HS_WF - where Seidel coefficients are named.
    - in function seidel_from
2. changed the following lines in 'run_acquire_auto.m'
        %channelname = ['probe-seidel-',fn{counter}];
            channelname = ['C4:TCS-HWSX_PSC_', fn{counter}];

        %channelname = ['secondary-seidel-',fn{counter}];
            channelname = ['C4:TCS-HWSX_SSC_', fn{counter}];
3. ammended the following code in 'run_acquire_auto.m'

    maxEPICSLength = 14;
    for counter = 1:length(fn)
        %channelname = ['probe-seidel-',fn{counter}];
        strname = upper(fn{counter});
        if (numel(strname) > maxEPICSLength)
            strname = strname(1:maxEPICSLength);
        channelname = ['C4:TCS-HWSX_PSC_', strname];
        probe_seidel_array{counter} = HS_EPICS(channelname);
- bug: on restarting and pressing 'space' and enter at approximately the same times here, the program crashed:

Is it okay to assign one of the already existing handle (y or n)? y
Assigned handle 2 to the instance.
Established the connection to the channel secondary_shutter_open.

hsep_secondary =

  HS_EPICS handle

         channelname: 'secondary_shutter_open'
             handler: 2
    EPICS_is_running: 1

  Methods, Events, Superclasses

Please select the probe beam as the light source. Hit any key to continue.

??? Error using ==> textscan
First input can not be empty.

Error in ==> HS_Camera>HS_Camera.get_exposure_time at 942
        ccet = textscan(ccet,'%f %s');


Added the following lines to HWS.db

record(ai, "C4:TCS-HWSX_PSC_PRISM")
record(ai, "C4:TCS-HWSX_PSC_ALPHA")
record(ai, "C4:TCS-HWSX_PSC_PHI")
record(ai, "C4:TCS-HWSX_PSC_COMA")
record(ai, "C4:TCS-HWSX_PSC_BETA")
record(ai, "C4:TCS-HWSX_SSC_PRISM")
record(ai, "C4:TCS-HWSX_SSC_ALPHA")
record(ai, "C4:TCS-HWSX_SSC_PHI")
record(ai, "C4:TCS-HWSX_SSC_COMA")
record(ai, "C4:TCS-HWSX_SSC_BETA")

- restarting IOC with C4:TCS-HWSX channels


-time to add these to the frames


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