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Message ID: 104     Entry time: Tue Jan 25 16:38:16 2011
Author: Aidan 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Pre-amplifier 
Subject: L1 TCSY ISS Board transfer function 

 I measured the AC and DC channel transfer functions of the eLIGO L1 TCSY ISS board for PD1 and PD2. The gain is quite high on the AC channels so I added +40dB of attenuation to the source from the SR785. As Frank pointed out, even though this isn't exactly +40dB at low frequencies, it still attenuates and that attenuation is common to both the input to the Channel 1 of the SR785 and the input to the ISS board.

The results are shown in the attached plot. I didn't bother including the phase, I'm just interested in the magnitude for calibration purposes.

 The original data files from the SR785 are attached below: 

Channel Name Filename
L1 TCSY PD1 - AC SRS003.78D
L1 TCSY PD2 - AC SRS004.78D
L1 TCSY PD1 - DC SRS005.78D
L1 TCSY PD2 - DC SRS006.78D


Attachment 1: L1TCS_ISS_boards_transfer_functions.pdf  8 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: SRS003.78D  1 kB
Attachment 3: SRS004.78D  1 kB
Attachment 4: SRS005.78D  1 kB
Attachment 5: SRS006.78D  1 kB
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