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Message ID: 100     Entry time: Thu Nov 4 13:31:19 2010
Author: Won Kim 
Type: Computing 
Category: Hartmann sensor 
Subject: Frame Grabber SDK installation 

 Appended below is the step by step procedure that I used to install and
use the frame grabber SDK. Note that the installation process was a lot
simpler with the SDK version than the previous version.

Lines starting with ":" are my inputs and with ">" the computer outputs.

I tried to put this into elog but the web page says the laser password is
wrong so I could not.



0. Turn on or restart the computer. For installation of the frame grabber
  SDK, go to step 1. If using the existing installation go to step 5.

1. Copy the script EDTpdv_lnx_4.2.4.3.run to my home folder.

2. Ensure that the script is executable.

: chmod +x EDTpdv_lnx_4.2.4.3.run

3. Run the script.

: sudo ./EDTpdv_lnx_4.2.4.3.run

4. After entering the root password, the script asks for the installation
  directory. Default is /opt/EDTpdv, to which I type 'y'.

  The script then runs, printing out a massive log. This completes the
  installation process.

5. Move to the directory in which the SDK is installed.

: cd /opt/EDTpdv

6. Initialise the camera by loading a camera configuration file
  dalasa_1m60.cfg located in the camera_config folder.

: ./initcam -f camera_config/dalsa_1m60.cfg

  Which will output the message (if successful)

opening pdv unit 0....

7. Take an image frame.

: ./take -f ~/matlab/images/test.raw

  which will save the raw file as specified above and generate following
  message on the terminal:

reading image from Dalsa 1M60 12 bit dual channel camera link
width 1024 height 1024 depth 12  total bytes 2097152
writing 1024x1024x12 raw file to /home/won/matlab/images/test.raw

(actual size 2097152)

1 images 0 timeouts 0 overruns

Whether the image taken was valid or not, I followed the exactly same
procedure. In step 7, when the image was not valid, the message after
executing the take command said "1 timeoutouts", and when the image was
valid I got "0 timeouts".

You will also get "1 timeouts" if you turn off the camera and execute the
take command. So at least I know that when an image taken was not valid it
is due to the frame grabber failing to obtain the image from the camera.

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