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Entry  Tue Mar 30 15:18:06 2021, Paco, Lab Infrastructure, EquipmentLoan, 2um CCD borrowed IMG_20210330_151046.jpgIMG_20210330_150958.jpg
    Reply  Tue May 18 10:28:50 2021, Paco, Lab Infrastructure, EquipmentLoan, heimann sensor update no_light.pnglight.png
Message ID: 1909     Entry time: Tue May 18 10:28:50 2021     In reply to: 1907
Author: Paco 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: EquipmentLoan 
Subject: heimann sensor update 

Heimann (HTPA80x64d) thermopile array;

- First test to grab frames was done in my personal Win10 machine, with no success. Either I was unable to configure the server correctly, or the software "ArraySoft" is not supported in Win10. Upon contacting Heimann, I received instructions to update to a newer version but was warned that it's just a new GUI, nothing really changed from v1 --> v2. So didn't even bother.

- Instead, wrote a simple python-socket UDP server to catch the video stream. Most trouble happened when using temperature mode (command "K"). The client streams a bunch of zeros... My guess is that this unit does not have an internal temperature calibration, and one could in principle be uploaded but we probably don't care. Streaming in raw voltage mode (command "t") works well, as shown by the sample frame shown in Attachment 1.

- After recovering the CTN Win7 laptop from Radhika, I gave "ArraySoft" another change just to know the frames I was getting in python were not bogus. For this I pointed a 532 nm laser pointer straight to the sensor and got an image shown in Attachment 2. The key difference is the processing of the video stream. Attachment 1 is a single frame, while Attachment 2 is the average of 30 frames with no offsets present. 

- Another issue present during this task was a faulty USB connection. Sometimes moving the sensor around would interrupt the stream (power lost). I carefully removed the case and exposed the TO-39 package and surrounding electronics to inspect and search possible failures but after seeing none, I swaped the USB power cable with my portable battery charger and had a more robust operation... So I dumped the old USB cable, and will get a new one.

- Since this one was borrowed from TCS lab, I placed an order for another one which will be set up permanently in the lab. Hopefully this will be enough for the OSA.

Attachment 1: no_light.png  26 kB  Uploaded Tue May 18 11:46:42 2021  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: light.png  38 kB  Uploaded Tue May 18 11:52:31 2021  | Hide | Hide all
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