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Message ID: 1908     Entry time: Wed Apr 14 16:49:30 2021
Author: Paco 
Type: Misc 
Category: Optomechanics 
Subject: DOPO mount v2 

Drew some new mounting scheme for the DOPO cavity; main revisions with respect to the current mount are -->

  • Side mounts for both mirrors (instead of vertical)
  • Both mirror mounts are the same (3-axis polaris K1) so both mirrors need to be attached properly
  • Improved access to align crystal using newport 9031 (6 axis displacement mount), which is crucial to make the DOPO fields co-resonant

Attachment 1 illustrates the design; shows three views of the same assembly.

Concerns: mechanical noise from side mounted mirrors ... for this, there could be a solid piece which makes a rigid connection between the two mirrors (that's why they are upside down) and perhaps between the two tall posts (so S-shaped as viewed from the top)? Still working on this.

Attachment 1: dopo_mount_v2.pdf  412 kB  Uploaded Wed Apr 14 17:56:30 2021  | Hide | Hide all
dopo_mount_v2.pdf dopo_mount_v2.pdf dopo_mount_v2.pdf
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