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Entry  Thu Feb 4 16:46:06 2021, Paco, DailyProgress, Optics, OPO cavity lock rf_diagram.pngoffresonantpdherr.jpgpdherrorsig.png
    Reply  Fri Feb 5 14:15:22 2021, rana, DailyProgress, Optics, OPO cavity lock 
Message ID: 1901     Entry time: Fri Feb 5 14:15:22 2021     In reply to: 1900
Author: rana 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Optics 
Subject: OPO cavity lock 

For the splitting, I recommend not to use a splitter.

Instead, you can use a -10 or -20 dBm bi-directional coupler. You send the -10 dBm signal to the EOM amp, and you can fill up the needed power for the LO mixer. Also the "bi" nature of the coupler means that you can check for reflected power to diagnose if you are having impedance mis-match. Since you don't have an isolation amplifier in your setup, its important to make sure that reflections from one leg don't go back into the oscillator and disturb the other leg. Or maybe your oscillator box has an isolation amplifier between the oscillator and the splitter?

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