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Entry  Fri Apr 15 18:42:40 2011, tara, Mingyuan, DailyProgress, Creak, Start crackling (again) PD.png
    Reply  Tue Apr 19 19:41:51 2011, tara, DailyProgress, Creak, Start crackling (again) vdivide.png10Hz.png
Message ID: 187     Entry time: Fri Apr 15 18:42:40 2011     Reply to this: 188
Author: tara, Mingyuan 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Creak 
Subject: Start crackling (again) 

Ming Yuan, tara

We setup the basic Michelson interferometer with one arm which can driven by a PZT and another one whose position is adjustable. 

The laser we got didn't work at the beginning. We found that the power supplier was not functional. Tara borrowed another power supplier for the laser.

The basic Michelson interferometer was setup. One of the mirror attached on copper plate was replaced by a regular mirror with position adjustable. One of the PZT is needed to be fixed.

We observed Dark Fringe by adjusting position of the regular mirror.

We got the signal from a basic Michelson setup with one of the arm being driven by a PZT.

 This is the signal from the oscilloscope.

First, we check the signal when there is no voltage applied to the PZT, the signal is plotted in green.

Then, we drove only one of the mirror by PZT. The voltage is 6Vpkpk, with 7V offset. 

 The signal is plotted in blue when the mirror was driven. We can see strong signal on the scope.




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