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Entry  Mon Nov 23 11:44:13 2020, Paco, Misc, General, MDT694B python controller 
    Reply  Tue Nov 24 12:32:56 2020, Koji, Misc, General, MDT694B python controller 
Message ID: 1867     Entry time: Mon Nov 23 11:44:13 2020     Reply to this: 1868
Author: Paco 
Type: Misc 
Category: General 
Subject: MDT694B python controller 

Today entered lab ~ 09:00. Over the weekend I coded a PySerial wrapper for the thorlabs MDT694B single channel piezo controller. I spent some time testing and debugging the code but it now works fine (tested on Linux, python=3.8.6 and PySerial=3.4-4). The wrapper refers to the manual available here. The code is available in the labutils repo

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