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Entry  Wed Nov 18 09:14:11 2020, shruti, Misc, EquipmentLoan, beam profiler 
    Reply  Wed Nov 18 14:29:00 2020, Koji, Misc, EquipmentLoan, beam profiler 
    Reply  Mon Nov 23 11:43:26 2020, Paco, Misc, EquipmentLoan, beam profiler 
Message ID: 1866     Entry time: Mon Nov 23 11:43:26 2020     In reply to: 1862
Author: Paco 
Type: Misc 
Category: EquipmentLoan 
Subject: beam profiler 

Shruti took back the beam profilers today AM to Cryo.


Shruti: returned to Gabriele's office


I placed the two beam profilers with the two laptops and chargers right inside the Crackle lab, as requested by Paco.


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