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Message ID: 1852     Entry time: Wed Oct 28 17:29:14 2020
Author: Paco 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: Lab organization 

I entered Crackle lab circa ~11:15. I started some basic lab inventory and started cleaning/organizing stuff. We will use the first optical table (as you enter the lab) because it's the easiest to clear (see below before and after clearing). Some of the cleared items on the table include:

- UHV foil (moved to top left cabinet above the work bench)
- OSEM components for Crackle (?) (moved to top left cabinet above the work bench)
- Various metallic parts/components (moved some in a plastic container to the second drawer from the bottom of the second red tool storage, and others to the second optical table)
- Various screw/screwdriver kits (moved some to work bench right by the electronic storage area and others to the second optical table)
- Power supply and laser diode driver (moved to control/acquisition rack)

I then moved the 1064nm pump Innolight Mephisto 800NE to the clear table, clamped it down, and cleaned/organized the lab a little, which involved:

- Shelve orphan/incomplete PCBs and electronic components from the work bench up to the cabinets.
- Organized some cables by the fume hood.
- Organized other random hardware on the work benches. 

I found the Emergency STOP (OMRON STI #A22EM02B) button buried on the fume hood, so I gave it a quick test, and after confirming it worked I wired it to the interlock on the back of the laser controller. Then tested it along with the interlock and verified it's working, but I have yet to solder it nicely (I didn't commit to the wire lengths yet).

Left at ~ 14:45. Noted that we had more cockroaches in the floor at the beginning of the day than 2 um laser sources. Now we are tied.

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