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Entry  Thu Feb 13 00:25:36 2020, Duo, DailyProgress, , Noisemon at L1 L1DACNoise.zipplot.pdf
    Reply  Wed Mar 11 12:46:20 2020, rana, Computing, Noise Budget, Noisemon at L1 
       Reply  Sat Apr 18 16:21:32 2020, Duo, Computing, Noise Budget, Noisemon:DAC noise analysis from L1 and H1 noisebudget.pdfdiagram.pdfDACnoise-comparison.pdf
          Reply  Mon Apr 20 22:56:30 2020, rana, DailyProgress, Noise Budget, Noisemon:DAC noise analysis from L1 and H1 DACnoise-comparison.pdfdacNB.zip
Message ID: 1848     Entry time: Wed Mar 11 12:46:20 2020     In reply to: 1847     Reply to this: 1849
Author: rana 
Type: Computing 
Category: Noise Budget 
Subject: Noisemon at L1 

you have to overlay the estimated displacemnt noise with the existing L1 noise bud or else we cant tell what the importance of the result is

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