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Entry  Tue Jan 21 16:13:03 2020, Duo, DailyProgress, , Distortion of noisemon IMG_1658.PNGIMG_1659.PNGupconv.pdfupconv5Hz.pdfupconvLinear.pdf
    Reply  Tue Jan 28 08:46:13 2020, rana, DailyProgress, Electronics, Distortion of noisemon 
Message ID: 1844     Entry time: Tue Jan 28 08:46:13 2020     In reply to: 1843
Author: rana 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Distortion of noisemon 

it might be the low input impedance of the board which the coil driver cannot drive..

I suggest you use probes to see where in the noisemon circuit the distortion is starting

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