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Entry  Fri Aug 30 13:15:07 2019, Duo, Summary, Electronics, ITMX DAC noise plot.pdfDesktop.zipprojected.pdfArchive.zip
    Reply  Sat Aug 31 19:21:13 2019, rana, Summary, Electronics, ITMX DAC noise 
       Reply  Wed Sep 11 17:24:43 2019, Duo, Summary, Electronics, ITMX DAC noise plot.pdfbeforeSub.pdf
Message ID: 1821     Entry time: Sat Aug 31 19:21:13 2019     In reply to: 1819     Reply to this: 1822
Author: rana 
Type: Summary 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: ITMX DAC noise 

I don't agree about this. Doesn;t this ignore the noise of the noisemon circuit (analog readout noise + ADC noise) ? I think you must have a model for than noise in order to infer the DAC noise. Or maybe my pringle suggestion has better SNR?


This is how we calculate the DAC noise spectrum. The unit is V/rtHz.




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