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Message ID: 159     Entry time: Wed Sep 1 22:49:36 2010
Author: Vladimir Dergachev 
Type: Misc 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Latest tiltmeter spectrum 
Latest tiltmeter sensitivity plot.

Explanation of the legend: lvdt1_fine_cal, lvdt2_fine_cal are left and right sensors they are right on top of each other and general tilt spectrum.
The red curve shows common mode. It has some noise of its own mostly due to imperfect cancellation between left and right sensors, but mostly it shows what electronics is definitely capable of.
Bracket refers to standalone LVDT mounted on a bracket and shows what a single LVDT can do - it is calibrated the same was as the other two. The pale pink curve on the bottom is hard limit from
amplifier and ADC sensitivity.

This did not use any feedback.

The large peak in the middle is the tiltmeter proper frequency. We tuned it higher so it is easier to compare performance between open loop and close loop cases.
Attachment 1: fine_combined_spectrum_zoomed.png  61 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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