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Entry  Tue Jan 5 21:14:46 2010, Zach, Electronics, General, WaitDone Error ?? 
    Reply  Wed Jan 6 14:43:38 2010, Zach, Electronics, General, WaitDone Error ?? 
Message ID: 144     Entry time: Tue Jan 5 21:14:46 2010     Reply to this: 145
Author: Zach 
Type: Electronics 
Category: General 
Subject: WaitDone Error ?? 

 The SR785 I am using for the AOSEM noise measurements (the one that was in the TCS lab) doesn't seem to want to boot up all the way. After sitting at the "Backup OK" screen for ~30 secs, a dialog box pops up reading "WaitDone Error", after which the machine reboots. This continues forever.

I remember this having happened when I first liberated it from the TCS lab a few weeks ago. I turned the thing off for a while and it eventually worked just fine. I tried the same thing now and it didn't work. I am going to give it another go in the morning.

Has anyone experienced this error before?

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