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  2526   Tue Dec 22 15:20:14 2020 KojiSummaryGeneralInstrument loanIs the reverse bias programmable? FEMTO
has a bias trimmer on it. It's useful
in the usual application, but for automation,
  2525   Tue Dec 22 10:42:17 2020 ranaSummaryGeneralInstrument loanI was thinking about getting this new current
pre-amp from NF:

  2524   Wed Dec 16 22:08:36 2020 anchalUpdateEquipment transferTook delay line box, compressed nitrogen cylinder and lens to 2um (Crackle) lab
Took a delay line box DB64 from
QIL from the WOPO table to the 2um (formerly
known as Crackle) lab. The box was marked
  2523   Tue Dec 8 11:27:51 2020 RadhikaMiscLab MonitoringParticle counter communicationI have a python script for communication
with the Met One 227a particle counter, but
it appears like I am not receiving a response
  2522   Fri Nov 20 18:49:43 2020 KojiSummaryGeneralInstrument loanFEMTO DLPCA200 low noise preamp (brand

Keithley Source Meter 2450 (brand
  2521   Fri Nov 20 18:47:42 2020 KojiSummaryGeneralPermenant exchange of TED200C(QIL) and TED200C(2umECDL)I moved the brand new TED200C on the workbench
to Crackle for 2um ECDL (permanently)
The TED200C temp controller used in
  2520   Thu Nov 19 16:25:30 2020 AidanUpdate2um PhotodiodesAgilis piezo mirror installed in JPL PD testing apparatus Here's the python code I used to control

I incorrectly used the Move to
  2519   Tue Nov 17 17:51:44 2020 AidanUpdate2um PhotodiodesAgilis piezo mirror installed in JPL PD testing apparatus I installed the Agilis mirror before the
lens and cryo-chamber. Used the USB interface
to align the beam onto the PD. So we can
  2518   Wed Nov 11 16:09:22 2020 anchalSummaryECDLAUX wavelength finesee requirements in mariner - Added Excess Scatter NoiseAn issue was raised with last calculation
about the fact that our sensing of PDH signal
isn't ideal and in the real world there
  2517   Tue Nov 10 12:46:34 2020 AidanUpdate2um PhotodiodesJPL PD resurrection (cont.)Looks like the temperature difference between
the PD and the shield is relatively small.
Even the transients when the heater is applied
  2516   Mon Nov 9 15:49:58 2020 AidanUpdate2um PhotodiodesJPL PD resurrection (cont.)Okay - all the steps in the procedure of eLOG
2476 have been verified as working
  2515   Mon Nov 9 10:08:38 2020 anchalSummaryECDLAUX wavelength finesee requirements in mariner with 1418 nm ECDL (Preliminary)I have a preliminary calculation to post
here. This does not include noise sources
from cavity fluctuations and main frequency
  2514   Fri Nov 6 12:45:21 2020 AidanUpdate2um PhotodiodesPhotodiode testing recovery statusEmbellished Chris's PD MEDM screen
a bit to illustrate controls in a diagram.
The representation of the RELAY SWITCH between
  2513   Fri Nov 6 08:14:58 2020 AidanUpdate2um PhotodiodesPhotodiode testing recovery statusQuick update, more detailed update to follow.

Laser is working
sweep with the Keithley shows a sensible
  2512   Thu Nov 5 11:20:45 2020 anchalSummaryECDLTrue PDH Error signal TF and including FSR effects in approximated modelsIf we use ECDL for auxiliary frequency
in 40m and hope to stabilize it up to 1 MHz
with digital compensation of PZT, it is important
  2511   Wed Oct 28 14:05:19 2020 ranaSummaryECDLEffects of chosen AUX finesse and source on Calibration requirements


  2510   Fri Oct 23 12:19:19 2020 anchalSummaryECDLEffects of chosen AUX finesse and source on Calibration requirementsFollowing up on the last post, here I presented
a near back of the envelope calculation of
how different choices of AUX cavity finesse
  2509   Thu Oct 22 11:19:44 2020 anchalSummaryECDLProspects of using ECDL for Auxiliary laserWe can use Thorlabs
SAF1450S2 gain chip to generate 1418
nm light using an ECDL design similar to
  2508   Fri Sep 25 14:45:04 2020 StephenDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberVibration Measurement Equipment and Shield ConstructionCame into lab today, with two main goals:

1) Bring Downs equipment for vibration
measurements of cryo cooler during next operation
  2507   Wed Sep 23 00:26:59 2020 aaronMiscGenerallab entryI entered QIL just before Wed Sep 23 00:27:51
2020 to check out and photograph the sprinklers,
spent about 20 min looking around the lab
  2506   Tue Sep 15 15:16:18 2020 AnchalMiscCleanlinessHEPA Filters turned to maximumHEPA filters on top of the WOPO table have
been turned to High (earlier were at Low).
  2505   Wed Sep 2 08:13:18 2020 StephenDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberAssembly of QIL Setup and other updates from 2020 Sep 012020 Sep 01, StephenA with remote assistance
from RaymondR

  2504   Fri Aug 14 11:17:04 2020 RaymondUpdateCryo vacuum chamberCooler now operationalCryopump is up and running. Initial attempts
to run the cooler were stymied by an open
circuit in the cold head to compressor connection
  2503   Fri Aug 7 11:50:06 2020 RaymondUpdateCryo vacuum chamberTank pumpdownThe diaphragm pump was turned on earlier
this week after finally closing up this external
adapter tank. Out of an overabundance of
  2502   Tue Aug 4 17:08:00 2020 RaymondUpdateCryo vacuum chamber19 pin MIL feedthrough and CTC100 wiringUsed the 19-pin MIL feedthrough to
run 4 platinum RTD's and a 25 Ω
100 W resistive heater to the cold head.
  2501   Fri Jul 24 07:50:00 2020 RaymondUpdateCryo vacuum chamberPrototype shield panelsPicked up the prototype shield panels from
Hamilton Metalcraft 7/22 and brought them
to QIL. All of the parts are wrapped by part
  2500   Fri Jul 24 05:22:30 2020 RaymondLab InfrastructurePD QERound 2 of JPL PD's in labAlex dropped off the new round of 2um PD's,
they're on the north table accompanied
by his data sheet.  
  2499   Fri Jul 24 04:54:57 2020 RaymondLab InfrastructureGeneralMDF repairFirst day back (7/15) found the particle
board trim w/ powerstrip on the QIL
workbench had collapsed. Re-glued and added
  2498   Fri Jul 24 04:46:51 2020 StephenLab InfrastructureCryo vacuum chamber Copper parts picked up July 23rd and brought
to QIL, now only waiting on PO# S477874
and the pirani gauge from Koji's bulk JPL
  2497   Fri Jul 17 15:54:42 2020 StephenLab InfrastructureCryo vacuum chamber 

Torque driver set for QIL setup
bolted joints, with range 15 in*oz - 50 in*lb,
  2496   Tue May 12 10:15:30 2020 aaronUpdatePSOMApreliminary PSOMA layoutI've updated the PSOMA optical layout.
I still have some questions on locking, and
there are a few additional configurations
  2495   Fri May 1 13:27:07 2020 Raymond UpdatePD noiseSb3513 A2P6 2020-02-04 Dark Noise/QE dataAttachment 1 contains the SR785 dark noise
measurements at number of PD reverse bias
voltages from 77-295K with filenaming convention:
  2494   Thu Apr 16 18:03:22 2020 aaronUpdatePSOMApreliminary PSOMA layoutI put together two PSOMA layouts, one for
a bowtie cavity and one for a ring cavity
  2493   Mon Apr 6 19:01:21 2020 KojiUpdateGeneralWest Bridge flooding Apr 6thAdditional notes:

I did not see anyone in the building.

Attachment 1/2: Our labs have no
  2492   Mon Apr 6 18:38:50 2020 KojiUpdateGeneralWest Bridge flooding Apr 6thTo check the status of all the labs, I
went to WB. There was no ongoing water leakage
in the labs.
  2491   Mon Apr 6 18:35:48 2020 KojiSummaryGeneralWest Bridge flooding Apr 6thWest Bridge flooding Apr 6th due to rain
in the night

Looks like the first responder
  2490   Mon Mar 9 13:13:02 2020 KojiLab InfrastructureHVACHVAC work concluded for todayLast Friday, I found the HEPA units on
the squeezer table were not on. I turned
them on at "SLOW".
  2489   Fri Feb 28 13:36:32 2020 Ian MacMillanSummaryLab MonitoringItem lending: Particle Counter from OMC Lab to QILStill trying to figure out how to set up
the particle counter remotely. The current
particle count is 576.
  2488   Thu Feb 27 14:26:52 2020 KojiSummaryLab MonitoringItem lending: Particle Counter from OMC Lab to QILItem lending as per Ian's request:
Particle Counter from OMC Lab to QIL

The current particle class of
  2487   Tue Feb 25 15:12:22 2020 Raymond, Chris, Koji, Chub, AidanLab InfrastructureHVACHVAC work concluded for todayFacilities workers replumbed the water
lines feeding the air handler units in the
QIL. Tomorrow they plan to come back for
  2486   Mon Feb 24 18:41:06 2020 RaymondLab InfrastructureHVACTable Shielding for 2020-02-25 HVAC repairs[Raymond, Chris, Koji, Chub, Aidan, Duo]

Both tables were surrounded with
plastic shielding in preparation for the
  2485   Thu Feb 13 11:04:47 2020 Ian MacMillanLab InfrastructureHVACRecent temperature fluctuationsHere is the data for the last week. The
temperature for the Northside is noticeably
higher than the Southside. This is probably
  2484   Tue Feb 4 14:18:24 2020 Ian MacMillanLab InfrastructureHVACRecent temperature fluctuationsGot data from the HOBO temperature recorders.
The temperature has been fluctuating between
about 80 degrees F to 60 degrees F. The Temperature
  2483   Fri Dec 20 22:26:19 2019 KojiUpdatePD QEPD TEC driver / A2P6 aligned / Lens movedThe QEs were measured at 293K, 239K, 232K,
and 293K again. The cooling was provided
by the PD TEC.  At each temperature,
  2482   Fri Dec 20 21:58:14 2019 KojiUpdatePD QEPD TEC driver / A2P6 aligned / Lens moved==
Currently, A2P6 is aligned ==

1) I've brought another TEC driver
  2481   Fri Dec 20 13:20:53 2019 AidanSummaryPD QEQE results from A2P6 (500um) and A2P2 (1mm)The QE measurements from the first couple
of photodiodes are attached below.

  2480   Mon Dec 16 18:16:31 2019 RaymondDailyProgressPD QECryostat wiring fixesOpened the cryostat to resolder the
heater and re-wrap the thermal anchor for
the sample RTD and PD connection. All connections
  2479   Fri Dec 13 01:51:15 2019 RaymondDailyProgressPD QECryostat wiring fixes
Monitored an autorun of the photocurrent
for A2P6 from about 77K-300K and adjusted
the laser alignment as necessary. I've
  2478   Thu Dec 12 02:10:37 2019 Raymond, ChrisDailyProgressPD QEPD test dry run(Raymond, Chris)

Baseplate and shield RTD
temperature sensors are working, and digitally
  2477   Wed Dec 11 19:50:25 2019 ranaHowtoCryo vacuum chamberProcedure to record photodiode output vs temperaturedon't we also want to record the dark
noise spectrum as a function of T and V_Bias
? I would guess that the dark noise doesn't
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