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  1931   Wed Jun 10 13:48:22 2015 KateComputingComputingWS1 log in problemZach gave me the controls password for
ws1 and I just tried logging in. The following
error message (see attachment) shows up.
  1933   Fri Jun 12 12:23:14 2015 KateComputingComputingWS1 log in problemNicolas took a look at this with me. We
turned the computer off and attempted to
reboot it, but it did not boot. Looking in
  2171   Sun Aug 27 21:55:14 2017 awadeComputingComputingMapping the ATF/PSL/TCS labI ran nmap over the local ATF network to
find out what was connected and to grab MAC
  2172   Mon Aug 28 17:11:47 2017 awadeComputingComputingMapping the ATF/PSL/TCS labSo the mystery 3com router on a floating
DHCP address was actually the one in the
TCS lab.  I've given it an IP now
  2173   Tue Aug 29 20:59:11 2017 awade, JonLab InfrastructureComputingSetting up a gateway PCJon has been working on getting a gateway
PC set up again so that we can ssh into the
lab from outside the ATF network.  
  2175   Wed Sep 6 11:50:12 2017 JonLab InfrastructureComputingGateway PC set upJon's Edits to Andrew's
Setup of the Linksys Router

Andrew is right that the Linksys
  2176   Wed Sep 6 11:51:40 2017 JonLab InfrastructureComputingGateway PC set upJon's Edits to Andrew's
Setup of the Linksys Router

Andrew is right that the Linksys
  2181   Thu Sep 21 12:25:05 2017 awadeComputingComputingRebuild ws1 in ATFI wanted another Debian computer around
the lab to install LIGO tools on.  ws1
was running Ubuntu 14 which is ok but less
  2182   Wed Sep 27 12:41:57 2017 Jon RichardsonLab InfrastructureComputingTCS Subnet Back UpThe TCS lab did not get Internet back after
the the ATF lab pipe work was done. I traced
the problem back to the fiber connecting
  2183   Sun Nov 5 15:12:06 2017 ranaSummaryComputingdiaggui on Mac laptopsIts
now possible to install DTT (aka diaggui)
  2200   Sun May 27 16:10:27 2018 awadeComputingComputingAccessing 3com switch from screen on macSomehow I lost access to the 3com switch in
the PSL lab.  The default config IP
was lost and from there we have been unable
  2201   Tue May 29 16:12:48 2018 awadeLab InfrastructureComputingUpgraded top level QIL/PSL/TCS lab's routerThe old LinkSys router has been hanging
every 48 hours or so. Also it is fairly slow. 
I've purchased a tp-link
  2317   Thu Mar 28 18:16:59 2019 JonUpdateComputingCymac assembly startedThis afternoon Chris and I installed the
ADC and DAC cards in fb4.

We connected them to the
  2319   Mon Apr 1 11:03:24 2019 JonUpdateComputingCymac assembly startedI know there is some CTN slow channel data on
the disk. Is it at all possible to boot so
that can be recovered?
  2705   Wed Dec 31 15:59:59 1969 StephenDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberRadiative Cooling of Si Mass, with worse inner shield inner surface emissivity - retry run was successfulThis post will host plots and trends from
this radiative cooling run (QIL/2704).

Preliminarily, it looks like the
  2261   Wed Nov 14 16:49:47 2018 RahulUpdateCryo vacuum chamberassemblyThe top (seen with several threaded holes
along with 16 through holes) and bottom (only
2 threaded holes for lifting and 16 through
  2267   Tue Dec 4 15:56:29 2018 RahulDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberO-ring which fitsThe viton O-ring shipped by Nor-Cal fits
the chamber groove, given below is the correct
specification for future reference. I am
  2269   Wed Dec 5 16:18:50 2018 RahulDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberbottom plateAaron and Rahul - The bottom plate of the
chamber was upside down (Gabriele and I did
it as we were trying out few things during
  2270   Wed Dec 5 16:49:50 2018 RahulDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberSchematic for the flangesThe vacuum chamber has 12 flanges (four
4-5/8 and eight 2-3/4 flange size). For the
pump down test I will attach the pumping
  2271   Thu Dec 6 12:44:18 2018 RahulDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberFabricated parts arrivedCold plate and the radiation shields have
arrived. I will perform a mock assembly of
these fabricated parts to check if they are
  2272   Thu Dec 6 16:49:40 2018 RahulDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberChamber and bottom plate assemblyThe bottom plate and the vacuum chamber
(collar) has been assembled – thanks
to Aaron for helping me out. The O-ring holds
  2276   Fri Dec 7 16:08:45 2018 RahulDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberRadiation shields The cold plate and radiations shields (100K,
50K and bottom 100K shields) are at 40m for
cleaning and baking. The outer shields will
  2278   Tue Dec 11 16:26:07 2018 RahulDailyProgressCryo vacuum chambercleaning of shields and cold plateThe radiation shields and the cold plate
have been cleaned twice at the bath at 40m.
They are currently undergoing baking for
  2279   Wed Dec 12 14:40:17 2018 RahulDailyProgressCryo vacuum chambercleaning of shields and cold plateThe radiation shields and the cold plate
have been cleaned (class B) and baked and
can be used in vacuum. I brought them back
  2285   Fri Dec 21 15:23:02 2018 RahulDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberChamber closed for 1st pump down testThe cryo vacuum chamber
was closed yesterday (Thursday) for the 1st
pump down test. The figure below shows various
  2288   Fri Dec 21 16:14:42 2018 RahulDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberPump down resultsI switched on the pumping
station this morning at 10 am and roughly
after 6 hours of pumping the pressure in
  2364   Tue Jun 18 00:43:17 2019 DuoDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberChamber OpeningWith the help from Chub, we opened the
vacuum chamber. The procedures are not complicated.
Here are some notes, both about the opening
  2428   Wed Oct 9 17:40:57 2019 Raymond, Chris, DuoDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberClosing the vacuum chamberWe closed the chamber without installing
the radiation shields or cold plate in order
to test the vacuum pressure of the empty
  2429   Thu Oct 10 17:28:33 2019 Raymond, ChrisDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberRadiation shields unpackedToday we unpacked the radiation shields
and started to puzzle out how to assemble
them. Attached are photos of the parts as
  2430   Fri Oct 11 17:12:26 2019 Raymond, ChrisDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberClosing the vacuum chamberWe installed the oil filter/trap on the
roughing pump and began pulling a vacuum.
This was delayed due to the turbo pump flashing
  2431   Fri Oct 11 17:33:47 2019 ranaDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberClosing the vacuum chamberwe'll suffer if we use a oil based
pump long term - please find and order a
dry pump to back this turbo. Not only is
  2434   Fri Oct 18 14:44:22 2019 ChrisLab InfrastructureCryo vacuum chamber208V electrical service was installed in the QILA historical note - electricians from Facilities
visited the lab several weeks ago and installed
new electrical service. To do this with a
  2435   Mon Oct 21 17:07:17 2019 ChrisLab InfrastructureCryo vacuum chamberCryo chamber vacuum pressure loggingEver since the initial pumpdown the pressure
in the new cryo chamber has been stuck at
~6e-6 torr, so there's probably a small
  2440   Tue Nov 5 20:06:36 2019 RaymondUpdateCryo vacuum chamberCooler to tank connectionAttached is a drawing of the first phase
(minimal vibration isolation) cryocooler
attachment, where the main tank connects
  2441   Wed Nov 6 17:05:33 2019 RaymondDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberConflat flange tighteningTightened all of the vacuum ports on the
chamber so that the flange interfaces are all
now metal-to-metal, ie full copper gasket
  2442   Mon Nov 11 22:19:09 2019 RaymondDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberChanges to preserve long strap for internal chamber useI've attached a photo of some changes
to the cryocooler-tank connection design.
We can save money and space by removing the
  2444   Tue Nov 12 17:44:39 2019 RaymondDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberTank UpdateLast week I moved the upper portion of
the crane to the new, bolted crane support
stand. Chub removed the wheeled lower section
  2455   Thu Nov 21 21:58:27 2019 RaymondDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberTank UpdateUpdate of our available electrical feedthroughs:

2 x 19
pin round with corresponding 
  2476   Wed Dec 11 15:53:48 2019 Aidan, Chris, RaymondHowtoCryo vacuum chamberProcedure to record photodiode output vs temperature[Aidan, Chris, Ray]

Add LN2 to cryo-chamber
on heater to 25W
Wait for LN2
  2477   Wed Dec 11 19:50:25 2019 ranaHowtoCryo vacuum chamberProcedure to record photodiode output vs temperaturedon't we also want to record the dark
noise spectrum as a function of T and V_Bias
? I would guess that the dark noise doesn't
  2497   Fri Jul 17 15:54:42 2020 StephenLab InfrastructureCryo vacuum chamber 

Torque driver set for QIL setup
bolted joints, with range 15 in*oz - 50 in*lb,
  2498   Fri Jul 24 04:46:51 2020 StephenLab InfrastructureCryo vacuum chamber Copper parts picked up July 23rd and brought
to QIL, now only waiting on PO# S477874
and the pirani gauge from Koji's bulk JPL
  2501   Fri Jul 24 07:50:00 2020 RaymondUpdateCryo vacuum chamberPrototype shield panelsPicked up the prototype shield panels from
Hamilton Metalcraft 7/22 and brought them
to QIL. All of the parts are wrapped by part
  2502   Tue Aug 4 17:08:00 2020 RaymondUpdateCryo vacuum chamber19 pin MIL feedthrough and CTC100 wiringUsed the 19-pin MIL feedthrough to
run 4 platinum RTD's and a 25 Ω
100 W resistive heater to the cold head.
  2503   Fri Aug 7 11:50:06 2020 RaymondUpdateCryo vacuum chamberTank pumpdownThe diaphragm pump was turned on earlier
this week after finally closing up this external
adapter tank. Out of an overabundance of
  2504   Fri Aug 14 11:17:04 2020 RaymondUpdateCryo vacuum chamberCooler now operationalCryopump is up and running. Initial attempts
to run the cooler were stymied by an open
circuit in the cold head to compressor connection
  2505   Wed Sep 2 08:13:18 2020 StephenDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberAssembly of QIL Setup and other updates from 2020 Sep 012020 Sep 01, StephenA with remote assistance
from RaymondR

  2508   Fri Sep 25 14:45:04 2020 StephenDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberVibration Measurement Equipment and Shield ConstructionCame into lab today, with two main goals:

1) Bring Downs equipment for vibration
measurements of cryo cooler during next operation
  2530   Fri Jan 29 10:14:16 2021 StephenDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberRestarting Cryo vacuum chamber effortStephenA, RaymondR remotely assisting (off
payroll haha)

It seems that we won't likely
  2531   Fri Feb 5 08:50:02 2021 StephenDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberSuccessful cooldown, cold flange without shields[updated with reference to data set, cleaner
plot, images of chamber configuration]

StephenA, 2021.02.05
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