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  609   Thu Feb 18 18:14:20 2010 ZachLaserGYROupdate (AOM) Alastair and I have been working
on getting the AOM double-pass setup going.
We have borrowed a curved Y1 from Peter to
  615   Fri Feb 19 10:22:26 2010 AlastairLaserGYROupdate (AOM)

  617   Mon Feb 22 13:24:04 2010 AlastairLaserGYROupdate (AOM)


  417   Fri Oct 30 21:26:10 2009 FrankComputingGeneralupdated network schematichere an
updated version of the network schematic.
Some upcoming changes are already integrated,
  1335   Thu Mar 3 00:59:29 2011 ZachLaserGYROupgrade continues I made some more progress on the
gyro upgrade today:

    I found some LM317s at
  1843   Tue Sep 17 14:19:40 2013 SteveLab InfrastructureGeneraluse clean cover to keep optics clean


  1343   Mon Mar 7 19:16:26 2011 Zach LaserGYROvacuum = better Well, I was here until just about
sunrise this morning trying to get my head
around how the error signal should change
  1624   Sun Feb 26 02:23:27 2012 ZachLaserGYROvacuum bettered, PDH2 commissioning beginsVacuum
When I checked the pressure on Friday
  1563   Tue Nov 8 00:20:47 2011 ZachLaserGYROvacuum chamber preppedI cleaned the four corner chambers   
  1182   Tue Nov 30 11:03:55 2010 AlastairThings to BuyGYROvacuum gauge for gyro system I realised that I had not bought
a vacuum gauge for the gyro system.  The
simplest solution seemed to be to use a wide-range
  1625   Mon Feb 27 17:19:12 2012 ZachLaserGYROvacuum longevityNot very good. When I got in this morning, the   
  1091   Thu Sep 30 01:01:04 2010 ZachLaserGYROvariation of Alastair's VCO-swap measurement, re-thoughts about readout schemes Since we are using the AOM actuation
signal readout for the time being, I thought
it would be a good time to see what effect
  1620   Wed Feb 22 01:46:43 2012 ZachLaserGYROviewports finishedI picked up the finished parts for  vp1.pngvp4.pngvp3.pngvp2.png 
  1139   Thu Nov 4 23:22:53 2010 ZachComputingComputingwhy is the elog so slow? I have noticed that the elog is taking
excruciatingly long to load today. Is this
happening to anyone else?
  1544   Tue Oct 4 18:27:57 2011 ZachLaserFuglywhy should a laser do this?The gyro was dismantled during the installation
of the PMC (which itself has been uninstalled---see
long overdue elog post next). I have plans
  908   Fri Aug 6 00:44:06 2010 FrankLab InfrastructureGeneralwifi bridges configuredsee elog entry here : http://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8080/PSL_Lab/257   
  1098   Fri Oct 1 21:58:29 2010 AlastairComputingComputingwiki I've changed the wiki template for
one that gives the full screen width.
Also added some more sections and
  911   Sat Aug 7 13:45:13 2010 FrankLab InfrastructureGeneralwireless GPIB network devices now availablei finished configuring the wireless bridges
and the gpib-to -network adapters. The adapter
have ip-addresses from to 43. 
  998   Fri Aug 27 16:55:55 2010 FrankComputingDAQworking mDV examplei've tested it again and it's still working.
You can find a simple,  working example
for mDV getting some trend data for two of
  1067   Mon Sep 20 13:29:53 2010 ranaComputingComputingws1 device query (this is very uninteresting)[ops@ws1
~]$ /sbin/lspci -v
  1143   Sat Nov 6 23:48:02 2010 ranaComputingComputingws1 is back, almostThe network interface for ws1 was failing
to work for some reason. I tried the usual
Linux forums for advice but most of it was
  2236   Mon Aug 13 01:53:21 2018 ranaDailyProgressWOPOzero-span spec OR RF bandpassI know the squeezing people often use the
zero-span feature of a spectrum analyzer
to produce their McDonalds plots, but why
  2237   Mon Aug 13 15:43:55 2018 ChrisDailyProgressWOPOzero-span spec OR RF bandpassIt's also been done with the AD8361
eval board, for the 40m
squeezer way
  2242   Mon Aug 20 12:08:17 2018 awadeDailyProgressWOPOzero-span spec OR RF bandpasszero-span is just for a quick and dirty
measurement.  As long as the there is
ok noise clearance its usually enough to
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