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  2770   Wed May 18 21:53:31 2022 ranaDailyProgressEmissivity estimationMegastat Inner Shield for emissivity estimationI'd recommend drilling a through hole
and using a nut, rather than tapping as I
suggested earlier. The shield is not thick
  2776   Tue May 31 17:53:07 2022 ranaDailyProgressEmissivity estimationSi wafer emissivity testingthat's a good start, but we want the
cooldown to be fast, so what we would need
from the model is for you to change some
  2785   Fri Jun 10 16:23:04 2022 ranaDailyProgressEmissivity estimationMegastat cooldown - repainted inner shield aquadag, added aquadag foil to cold plateFrom the plot, it seems like the slop is
~50 Ohms / 120 K. So a difference of 5 K
corresponds to ~2 Ohms.
  2810   Sun Nov 27 15:13:42 2022 ranaDailyProgressEmissivity estimationAlumina samplesOn their web page (https://www.masterbond.com/properties/thermally-conductive-epoxy-adhesives),
they have one with Aluminum Nitride that's
twice as conductive. Is that useful to get?
  795   Wed Jun 2 20:24:26 2010 rana, alastairMiscGYROOptics movedToday we moved some of the optics away
from the blue box to make room for the mode
  1287   Fri Feb 4 19:38:49 2011 rana, joeBComputingDAQfb0 problems fixed: daqd, nds, and atffe all now runningSummary:

  512   Sun Dec 27 23:47:34 2009 rana?LaserGYROSB frequency

  45   Tue Apr 22 16:25:24 2008 robLaserPSLProfile of 35W PSL[quote]I scanned the beam on the 35W laser
again (for the first time since it was fixed
by our German friends during the LSC meeting).
  275   Wed Aug 19 11:20:03 2009 robComputingDAQbillions

  276   Wed Aug 19 11:27:59 2009 robComputingPMCPMC Loop Changed

  354   Mon Sep 28 17:43:47 2009 robComputingDAQHack @ DAQ

  2659   Tue Sep 7 09:14:22 2021 shrutiMiscEquipment transferTED200C borrowedI borrowed (retrieved?) the TED200C temperature
controller from the north table in QIL to
use in the cryo lab.
  2725   Fri Feb 25 17:09:53 2022 shrutiUpdateWOPOWaking up WOPO - green beam[shruti, yehonathan]

SHG and 532 nm beam alignment

brought over 532nm/1064nm laser goggles from
  2728   Fri Mar 4 11:49:45 2022 shrutiUpdateWOPOWaking up WOPO - attempts at readout[Yehonathan, Shruti]

1. Doubling cavity and green beam

we had left the lasers ON with the shutters
  2735   Tue Mar 22 09:19:38 2022 shrutiUpdateWOPOWaking up WOPO - back to green path[Yehonathan, Shruti]

Yesterday we went back to fiddling
with the green path. Soon after opening the
  2738   Mon Mar 28 14:29:22 2022 shrutiSafetyCleanlinessLab floodingWhen I went into QIL today there was a
lot of flooding from water dripping from
the ceiling at several places in the lab.
  2760   Thu Apr 21 10:33:33 2022 shrutiUpdateWOPOStill figuring out the readout electronics and fixing of some stuff[Yehonathan, Shruti]


First we turned on the relevant
  1604   Thu Feb 2 07:49:23 2012 steveLaserGYRONew vacuum system viewport design

  1635   Wed Mar 7 08:50:04 2012 steveLaserGYROchamber leak hunting advice


  1636   Wed Mar 7 09:05:22 2012 steveLaserGYROinput-side viewports installed & design flaw


  1736   Fri Aug 17 19:59:28 2012 taraElectronicsTempCtrltemp control for EOMHere is the entry about EOM temp control
used in PSL.
  1742   Tue Aug 21 23:29:38 2012 taraMiscTempCtrlthermal insulation for cold finger and EOMI made a thermal insulation box for the
cell holder that will be used in iodine setupr,
see ATF:1665.
  1765   Wed Sep 12 20:56:59 2012 taraElectronicsGeneralseismometers installedZach and I borrowed 2 seismometers from
the 40m. Den gave us Guralp and Barcadi with
their breakout boxes.
  1774   Thu Sep 27 03:33:55 2012 taraLaserGYROPSL/Gyro beat setupFound the beat, the temperature on CTN
laser is 48.80 C, and gyro laser is 54.72
C for a 20MHz beat signal.
  12   Wed Dec 12 16:10:19 2007 tobinLab InfrastructureHVACLab TemperatureThe lab temperature at 2pm was a comfortable
69 degrees. 
  13   Wed Dec 12 16:19:00 2007 tobinLab InfrastructureHVACLab TemperatureI connected the particle counter to the Dell
computer for PEM data logging (temperature,
humidity, and particle count).  The data
  14   Thu Dec 13 18:47:02 2007 tobinLab InfrastructureHVACLab TemperatureExtech: 66.8F, 25%RH.  Met One: 68F, 20%RH.

Here is the datalogger's contents:
  15   Tue Dec 18 13:49:50 2007 tobinLab InfrastructureHVACLab TemperatureExtech: 68.6F, 57%RH.  Met One: 68F, 53%RH.
  Drizzling outside.
  16   Fri Dec 21 21:27:12 2007 tobinLab InfrastructureHVACLab TemperatureExtech: 67.9F, 26%RH. Met One: 68F, 20%RH.
 Clear & cold outside.
  18   Wed Jan 2 15:10:24 2008 tobinLab InfrastructureHVACLab TemperatureThe lab temperature appears to have been stable
over the holiday, always between 68.5 and
70.0 degrees F.   (There is no data from
  58   Thu May 29 20:00:48 2008 tobinComputingFuglyborkspace compilingDmass and I tried to compile and install a
new system on the borkspace machine here.
  59   Sun Jun 1 18:52:49 2008 tobinComputingGeneralborkspace compilingFollowing Alex's suggestions, I fixed the
front-end problems we were encountering the
other day.
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