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  2291   Mon Dec 24 16:46:41 2018 awadeDailyProgressWOPOMM into 532 nm patch fiber (to be hooked up to WOPO)I had another look at MM the 532 nm light
into the P3-460B-FC-2 patch
cable.  After walking some lens positions
  2296   Wed Feb 20 10:38:46 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPOFixing 532 nm polarization linearity issuesAlignment of the pumping 532 nm polarization
into the WOPO is important to getting the
correct phase matching condition.  For
  2297   Thu Feb 21 17:02:24 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPOMixing down homodyne output from 1 MHzI want to get signal from about 1 MHz down
to around DC from my subtracted  homodyne
photodetectors. I'm planning to do something
  2298   Fri Feb 22 14:05:09 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPOMixing down homodyne: 5th order elliptic filter (100 kHz)Making 5th order Elliptical Filter

couldn't find any filters that would
cut off above 100 kHz so I made my own using
  2300   Thu Feb 28 16:00:59 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPOPol launch into PM fiberI've set up a rotating PBS and half-wave
plate to provide polarization adjustment
into the 532 nm fiber without misalignment
  2303   Tue Mar 12 16:35:43 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPOPol launch into PM fiber 1064 nmI've replaced the SM fiber in the 1064
nm launch with a PM fiber (P3-1064PM-FC-5).
I also moved the fiber collimator (F240APC-1064)
  2304   Tue Mar 12 16:58:50 2019 awadeMiscWOPOTodo list W11These are things to get do this week on
WOPO experiment:

☑️ Reinstall 50:50
  2305   Wed Mar 13 12:44:41 2019 awade, anchalDailyProgressWOPOPol launch into PM fiber 1064 nm[awade, anchal ]

After a bit of reading I've
realized that the standard use of these PM
  2306   Wed Mar 13 17:49:14 2019 awadeSummaryWOPODamage threshold estimates for optical fibersThis is just a note about damage tolerances
for fibers so we have a reference of the
amount of power that can be used.  
  2316   Wed Mar 27 20:37:38 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPOMeasuring TF Homodyne Photo Detector for WOPO experimentInitial measurment of PD TF

realize I never really measured the signal
transfer function for each of these Photo
  2318   Fri Mar 29 16:00:21 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPORemeasuring TF Homodyne Photo Detector B after switching out foil capThis
set of measurments turned out to be bad.
  2324   Wed Apr 10 13:10:45 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPORebuild of WOPO homodyne detectors using AD829[awade]

This post details the rebuild I
made of the transimpedance amplifiers (TIA)
  2327   Mon Apr 22 19:35:16 2019 anchal and awadeSummaryWOPOShot Noise Intercept Current measurement of PhotodiodesAndrew measured the output voltage noise
of photodiodes through an AC coupled pre-amplifier
(G=200, 0.7 nV/rtHz) while varying the
  2331   Tue Apr 30 19:52:14 2019 awadeHowtoWOPOConfiguring Zurich box serverAs I couldn't find this on the 40m
elog/wiki I'm putting notes here on how
to configure a fresh webserver + python server
  2332   Wed May 1 14:34:53 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPOOutput chain and demodulation of squeezing signalThe detectors have been verified to have
a low intercept current, that will give us
good clearance of our shot noise to dark
  2345   Thu May 16 16:52:46 2019 awadeHowtoWOPOZurich box python accessThe Zurich box can also be accessed via
a python API.  Its a little bit opaque
in some points on how this works as their
  2349   Wed May 22 15:07:09 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPODemodulation and subtraction for homodyne detector with Zurich boxFor the detection of squeezed light the
homodyne detector  is now configured
for digital subtraction in post processing.
  2352   Thu May 23 15:29:58 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPOMaking time domain measurement of noise power in homoydne with WOPO pump onIn order to see squeezing I want to scan
the phase of the homodyne relative to the
squeezed light and see the variations in
  2354   Sun May 26 21:24:38 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPOExcess noise when pumping: checklist for Monday.There are a few other possibilities
for the excess noise when injecting pump,
this is a checklist for me to run through
  2356   Wed May 29 15:24:33 2019 awadeDailyProgressWOPOUpdate to checklistI had a look at a few of these things. 
I've found that it doesn't seem to
be caused by heating of the beam splitter,
  2723   Tue Feb 22 07:53:06 2022 YehonathanUpdateWOPOWaking up WOPO{Shruti, Yehonathan}

On Friday, we came down to QIL
to poke around the WOPO setup. The first
  2725   Fri Feb 25 17:09:53 2022 shrutiUpdateWOPOWaking up WOPO - green beam[shruti, yehonathan]

SHG and 532 nm beam alignment

brought over 532nm/1064nm laser goggles from
  2727   Wed Mar 2 14:38:55 2022 YehonathanUpdateWOPOWaking up WOPO - some more fiddling and a plan{Shruti, Yehonathan}

We made some a list of some random
questions and plans for the future. We then
  2728   Fri Mar 4 11:49:45 2022 shrutiUpdateWOPOWaking up WOPO - attempts at readout[Yehonathan, Shruti]

1. Doubling cavity and green beam

we had left the lasers ON with the shutters
  2731   Thu Mar 10 17:12:01 2022 awadeUpdateWOPOWaking up WOPO - attempts at readout[awade]

Good to see this experiment being
  2733   Wed Mar 16 12:22:44 2022 YehonathanUpdateWOPOWaking up WOPO - attempts at readout{Shruti, Yehonathan}

Yesterday, we measured a bunch
of noises.
  2735   Tue Mar 22 09:19:38 2022 shrutiUpdateWOPOWaking up WOPO - back to green path[Yehonathan, Shruti]

Yesterday we went back to fiddling
with the green path. Soon after opening the
  2759   Wed Apr 20 00:12:12 2022 YehonathanUpdateWOPOStill figuring out the readout electronics and fixing of some stuff{Yehonathan, Shruti}

1. Grabbed 30Hz-3GHz HP spectrum
analyzer from the Cryolab. Installed it in
  2760   Thu Apr 21 10:33:33 2022 shrutiUpdateWOPOStill figuring out the readout electronics and fixing of some stuff[Yehonathan, Shruti]


First we turned on the relevant
  2762   Mon Apr 25 11:08:35 2022 YehonathanUpdateWOPOStill figuring out the readout electronics and fixing of some stuff{Shruti, Yehonathan}

We realized that the PD amp circuit
only requires a 5V DC supply so we try that.
  2764   Thu Apr 28 14:12:20 2022 YehonathanUpdateWOPOStill figuring out the readout electronics and fixing of some stuff{Shruti, Yehonathan}

We went to the e-shop to investigate
the PD circuits. Completely confused about
  2777   Thu Jun 2 10:28:26 2022 YehonathanUpdateWOPOInstalling 1811 PDs[Shruti, Yehonathan]

We took newport 1811
PDs, one from CTN lab (suspicious) and one
  2796   Wed Jul 20 15:55:41 2022 YehonathanUpdateWOPOInstalling 1811 PDs{Yehonathan, Paco}

We comfirmed that the DC ouput
of one of the 1811s is bad. We set out to
  2800   Tue Aug 23 22:23:06 2022 awadeUpdateWOPOInstalling 1811 PDsI recall at one point we had one of these
NF1811 with a broken power suply pin.  It
was from a limited production run with the
  65   Tue Jul 22 18:43:06 2008 DmassComputingfubardigital control broken.I tried to restore the hacked up oms control
system via a series of escalating measures.
  67   Fri Jul 25 14:59:24 2008 DmassComputingfubardigital control broken.[quote]I tried to restore the hacked up oms
control system via a series of escalating
  192   Wed Jul 22 20:40:13 2009 AidanLab InfrastructurefubarFiling cabinet lock engaged ... with no keyThis happened mysteriously and had absolutely
nothing to with me. The fact that I was the
last person to open the filing cabinet before
  244   Mon Aug 10 20:14:11 2009 AidanLab InfrastructurefubarFiling cabinet lock engaged ... with no key

  470   Mon Dec 7 14:01:18 2009 AidanComputingfubarFront-end is down ...I tried to make a change to the front-end
in Simulink and compile it on fb0 - which
is supposedly now our front-end machine.
  520   Thu Jan 7 17:27:04 2010 ZachLab Infrastructurefubartip of the icebergAidan and I began circling the holes in
the ventilation system with Sharpies this
afternoon, only to find that the situation
  565   Fri Jan 29 17:53:03 2010 DmassComputingfubarMental Computing BrokenI was attempting to replicate the pwelch
command using the numerical recipes formula
for the Welch's Periodogram PSD estimate.
  574   Thu Feb 4 00:59:23 2010 ranaComputingfubarELOG restarted: no more .ps filesI restarted the ELOG on NODUS just now.
Our attempt to set up error logging worked
- it turns out ELOG was choking on the .ps
  736   Wed Apr 28 09:24:01 2010 AidanComputingfubarelog craziness - test to try and crash elog - apparently PDFs work okay. Frank
is reporting continual crashes from last
night when uploading a graph of the particle
  1068   Mon Sep 20 13:41:33 2010 ranaComputingfubarrouter was down so I power cycled it    
  1073   Mon Sep 20 22:47:27 2010 AlastairMiscfubarliso I added some instruction to the ATF
internals/scripting bit of the wiki for installing
liso.  Since it needs gnuplot and this
  1115   Fri Oct 29 17:31:41 2010 AlastairLab InfrastructurefubarOld white board   photo.JPG 
  1116   Sat Oct 30 14:09:20 2010 Curious GeorgeLab InfrastructurefubarOld white board

  1122   Mon Nov 1 16:35:15 2010 AlastairLab InfrastructurefubarOld white board


  1328   Wed Mar 2 09:14:01 2011 ghostwriterMiscfubardump or optics lab?   100_1229.JPG100_1228.JPG100_1227.JPG100_1226.JPG100_1230.JPG 
  1334   Thu Mar 3 00:36:11 2011 ZachMiscfubardump or optics lab?optics lab
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