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  2142   Thu Jul 20 18:16:33 2017 ranaUpdateWOPOPhotodetector Dark NoiseUgh - I deleted those 1000 bad plots. Just
give us 1 trace per PD, all on one plot.
Each trace should also include the model
  2148   Mon Jul 24 22:28:51 2017 ranaMiscGeneralELOG word wrapI'm annoyed by the elog word
wrapping. It seems to only happen in the
ATF log, probably due to a misconfig in some
  2153   Fri Jul 28 11:16:58 2017 ranaMiscGeneralELOG word wrapTerrible
word wrapping problem fixed by putting actual
  2155   Mon Aug 7 15:09:35 2017 ranaDailyProgressScatterometerCalibrating the CameraFonts too
small - and theres no such thing as
negative BRDF.
  2183   Sun Nov 5 15:12:06 2017 ranaSummaryComputingdiaggui on Mac laptopsIts
now possible to install DTT (aka diaggui)
  Draft   Sun Dec 10 04:48:59 2017 ranaComputingGeneraldokuwiki updatedI updated the ATFwiki to the latest version
of dokuwiki. backup is in the usual place
on nodus.
  2199   Wed May 23 20:38:10 2018 ranaSummaryWOPOTransformer coupled photodiodesWhat is going on with this fossilized squeezing
experiment? I reckon that there is a loss
diagram out there somewhere. Le'ts see
  2208   Fri Jun 29 17:33:44 2018 ranaDailyProgress2micronLasersPower Loss in Fiber Optic CableIn order to pick a length, we'll have
to go beyond this optimization and consider
cost and 
  2235   Mon Aug 13 01:48:48 2018 ranaDailyProgressWOPOSR560 battery as a voltage supplyWhen powering from the SR560 bananananas,
you should disconnect AC power, else it may
produce extra lines due to the charger.
  2236   Mon Aug 13 01:53:21 2018 ranaDailyProgressWOPOzero-span spec OR RF bandpassI know the squeezing people often use the
zero-span feature of a spectrum analyzer
to produce their McDonalds plots, but why
  2308   Wed Mar 20 19:17:50 2019 ranaNoise Budget2micronLasersNoise budget for the frequency discriminatorI think the dark noise should be very close
to the shot noise and also have the same
transfer function.
  2325   Wed Apr 10 18:58:48 2019 ranaUpdate2micronLasersIntensity noise stabilization of 2 micron sourceOK...but how will the amplitude stabilization
be done? How about a diagram showing the
feedback loop and electronics?
  2326   Thu Apr 11 20:50:17 2019 ranaHowtoGeneralhow to learn quicklyhttps://maglab.caltech.edu/human-magnetic-reception-laboratory/   
  2330   Wed Apr 24 19:30:55 2019 ranaLab InfrastructureHVAChowto get temperature trendsWe need to get the temperature
data from the sensors
  2334   Sun May 5 20:52:16 2019 ranaNoise Budget2micronLasersFrequency noise measurement of 2 micron sourceLooks good! A few comments:

The LPF should be a 1.9
MHz LP from Mini-circuits
  2335   Sun May 5 20:58:20 2019 ranaLab InfrastructureHVAChowto get temperature trendsthe temperature has stabilized, although
the fact that there is a sign error in one
of the HVAC actuators means that there is
  2339   Fri May 10 18:39:10 2019 ranaLab InfrastructureHVAChowto get temperature trendsModesto came back this morning. We were
still getting 1 hot blower and 1 cold blower.

As it turned out, although hot
  2341   Tue May 14 13:10:36 2019 ranaLab InfrastructureHVACHVAC debugginfixed (?) HVAC problems (~1700 Monday)
by better attaching a pneumatic hose that
actuates the hot water flow for the south
  2365   Tue Jun 25 19:56:23 2019 ranaElectronicsCleanlinessMoku OutI've removed the Moku and its iPad
from the lab to see what its up to noise-wise.
  2380   Tue Jul 30 20:42:06 2019 ranaDailyProgress2micronLasersNoise Analysis of Circuit using SR785 Spectrum Analyser and Zero SimulationOh
no! We've lost all of the low frequency
  2382   Thu Aug 1 13:01:15 2019 ranaDailyProgress2micronLasersNoise Analysis of Circuit using SR785 Spectrum Analyser and Zero Simulationalways keep the start frequency at 0 Hz
no matter what the span, as I was showing
you yesterday in the lab. Otherwise, the
  2401   Thu Aug 15 08:03:13 2019 ranaNoise Budget2micronLasersNoise Analysis of Voltage Regulator Circuit using SR785 Spectrum AnalyzerI'm glad to see that the voltage regulators
can give good noise performance. I wish I
understood what the gain peaking features
  2415   Wed Sep 4 22:14:12 2019 ranaLab Infrastructure QIL lab floor planwhat about attaching a crane to the ceiling
on one of the supporting beams?

  2417   Thu Sep 5 15:40:22 2019 ranaNoise BudgetPD noiseNoise Analysis of transimpedance amplifierI'm pretty sure that the OP27 data
is still not right. You should use the small
binwidth and larger # of averages as we talked
  2418   Sun Sep 8 16:08:04 2019 ranaElectronicsGeneralSolder: what kind of solder to use and why?This is a summary of some information on
types of solder and their usefulness.

Summary: use the 63/37 Sn/Pb solder
  2431   Fri Oct 11 17:33:47 2019 ranaDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberClosing the vacuum chamberwe'll suffer if we use a oil based
pump long term - please find and order a
dry pump to back this turbo. Not only is
  2477   Wed Dec 11 19:50:25 2019 ranaHowtoCryo vacuum chamberProcedure to record photodiode output vs temperaturedon't we also want to record the dark
noise spectrum as a function of T and V_Bias
? I would guess that the dark noise doesn't
  2511   Wed Oct 28 14:05:19 2020 ranaSummaryECDLEffects of chosen AUX finesse and source on Calibration requirements


  2525   Tue Dec 22 10:42:17 2020 ranaSummaryGeneralInstrument loanI was thinking about getting this new current
pre-amp from NF:

  2527   Tue Dec 29 17:53:21 2020 ranaSummaryGeneralInstrument loandoesn't seem so, but they sell this

  2532   Fri Feb 5 14:13:08 2021 ranaDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberSuccessful cooldown in is the x-axis in units of seconds? I think
if we are clever, we should be able to look
at a couple of the thermal time constants
  2553   Fri Apr 9 16:23:22 2021 ranaDailyProgress2um PhotodiodesOpened cryo chamber and removed old PDTo aid in taking photos of these diodes,
I put a USB microscope on Anchal's desk
- you can grab it from there. I use it with
  2564   Wed May 5 00:34:14 2021 ranaSummary2um PhotodiodesUpdated PD testing schematic / measurement tableLooks very clear, thanks. I guess the next
thing to do is

ask if this will work for
  2566   Mon May 10 15:38:36 2021 ranaSummary2um PhotodiodesKeithley connections   Screen_Shot_2021-05-10_at_3.37.29_PM.png 
  2575   Mon May 24 16:49:17 2021 ranaDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberWeekend cryo chamber coolingexp plot  PPP.jpg 
  2581   Wed Jun 2 20:06:07 2021 ranaDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberWeekend cryo chamber coolingI'll be curious to see the results
of Radhika's thermal model - I am suspicious
of this thermal strap contact to the base
  2648   Fri Aug 20 13:44:58 2021 ranaDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberCooldown model fitting for MSI think the asymptotic temperature in the
model is missing the data. i.e. the steady
state temperature should match up, but the
  2660   Tue Sep 7 11:52:40 2021 ranaComputingCymacs+/-18V power supply to AI/AA chassis was actually +18V, -14.5VWe should not have a bench power supply
installed permanently. Can you install a
Sorensen in that rack or use one of the nearby
  2670   Mon Sep 20 14:26:38 2021 ranaComputing2um PhotodiodesAutomation and analysis scripts for 2um data takingyou can put these in the GIT repo for the
QIL Cryo tests that Radhika set up. Otherwise,
they'll get lost. And we should probably
  2681   Thu Oct 21 16:52:26 2021 ranaLaser2um PhotodiodesImproved measurement of QE on photodiodes ~89% at 140Kits worth looking into how fiber optic
mode cleaning actually works:

  2684   Fri Oct 22 12:04:13 2021 ranaLaser2um PhotodiodesImproved measurement of QE on photodiodes ~89% at 140Kagreed. You should put into Voyager chat
and cryo/ET slack questins about 2 um beam
profiling. We'll want it for anything
  2693   Fri Nov 12 10:54:55 2021 ranaSummary2um PhotodiodesResults from JPL PD: A1-Test3IT would also be good if you could plot
the RMS noise
around 10 Hz and 100 Hz as a function of
  2699   Sun Dec 5 17:33:50 2021 ranaDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberTransitioning MS cooldown fitting to MCMC schemethats looking good

You should try to use either the
corner or getdist packages to plot the 'corner'
  2710   Fri Jan 21 17:32:40 2022 ranaDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberHeat transfer between grease joints and pressure jointsIs there a units issue? 50 kg is a mass,
but not a force.
  2711   Tue Jan 25 10:24:14 2022 ranaDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberHeat transfer between grease joints and pressure jointsFor one surface resting on another, the
force of the contact is the grativational
force of the top surface. There's an
  2712   Tue Jan 25 13:15:40 2022 ranaDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberHeat transfer between grease joints and pressure jointsI think its least confusing to just replace
50 kg g with 500 N. Writing 50 g can be misleading,
it seems like 50 grams.
  2714   Fri Jan 28 10:31:15 2022 ranaSummaryTutorial videooh no, stap the units madness, aaaaahhhh!!! noooooo!!!!    
  2719   Wed Feb 9 15:21:27 2022 ranaHowtoTempCtrlplotsIn the plots comparing data and models,
can you use the legend to indicate which
is which? e.g. use dots for data and solid
  2721   Tue Feb 15 16:54:27 2022 ranaDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberDoubled Thermal Linkage Capacity run started 11 Feb 2022I've been assuming that the inner shield
can be treated as a point mass, but perhaps
the thinness make a significant delay between
  2747   Tue Apr 5 12:20:09 2022 ranaThings to BuyPurchasesNew optical table legs for north tablewe don't really need Pneumatic legs.
How much for rigid legs?

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