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  2423   Mon Sep 23 10:49:27 2019 KojiSummaryPD QEQE and dark current of InAsSb sensorsThe QE and dark current of all
the InAsSb sensors were measured.
All the measurements were done in room temperature.
  2424   Mon Sep 23 23:48:12 2019 KojiUpdate2micronLasers2um sensor cards / focusing opticsFiber Collimator (Thorlabs F028APC-2000+AD11F+LMR1)
and MIR sensor cards (Thorlabs VRC6S Qty2)
were delivered.
  2425   Wed Sep 25 01:05:30 2019 KojiSummaryPD QEQE and dark current of InAsSb sensorsThe lenses were arranged so that the spot
on the PD can become smaller. A quick measurement
on a (500um)^2 element showed the QE of ~80%
  2426   Thu Sep 26 18:05:31 2019 DuoLab Infrastructure Cryo cooler and pump test run[Chris, Duo]
We tested the cryo cooler and the
turbo pump this afternoon. We ran the cryo
  2427   Tue Oct 1 19:25:08 2019 JonComputingCymacsIP address changesSomeone (not me) has recently changed the
IP addresses of the lab machines. I see the
new assignments are the following:
  2428   Wed Oct 9 17:40:57 2019 Raymond, Chris, DuoDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberClosing the vacuum chamberWe closed the chamber without installing
the radiation shields or cold plate in order
to test the vacuum pressure of the empty
  2429   Thu Oct 10 17:28:33 2019 Raymond, ChrisDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberRadiation shields unpackedToday we unpacked the radiation shields
and started to puzzle out how to assemble
them. Attached are photos of the parts as
  2430   Fri Oct 11 17:12:26 2019 Raymond, ChrisDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberClosing the vacuum chamberWe installed the oil filter/trap on the
roughing pump and began pulling a vacuum.
This was delayed due to the turbo pump flashing
  2431   Fri Oct 11 17:33:47 2019 ranaDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberClosing the vacuum chamberwe'll suffer if we use a oil based
pump long term - please find and order a
dry pump to back this turbo. Not only is
  2433   Thu Oct 17 14:12:10 2019 DuoLab Infrastructure IOGEAR GWU637 failureThe spectrum analyzer SR785 uses a Ethernet-Wifi
converter GWU637 from IOGEAR to connect
to the WIFI in the lab. Today I am trying
  2434   Fri Oct 18 14:44:22 2019 ChrisLab InfrastructureCryo vacuum chamber208V electrical service was installed in the QILA historical note - electricians from Facilities
visited the lab several weeks ago and installed
new electrical service. To do this with a
  2435   Mon Oct 21 17:07:17 2019 ChrisLab InfrastructureCryo vacuum chamberCryo chamber vacuum pressure loggingEver since the initial pumpdown the pressure
in the new cryo chamber has been stuck at
~6e-6 torr, so there's probably a small
  2436   Tue Oct 22 15:55:52 2019 KojiElectronicsGeneralBorrowed ITC510 from CryoFrom Cryo Cav setup

Borrowed ITC510 Laser Driver/TEC
controller combo -> QIL
  2437   Thu Oct 24 11:58:27 2019 ChrisElectronicsCDSnew QIL AA boardsThe anti-alias boards in the QIL AA chassis
have been replaced with newer ones I found
in the EE shop (serial numbers S1200217,
  2438   Thu Oct 31 18:31:10 2019 KojiLaserPD QEPD EQE vs Spot sizeInAsSb PD QE Test

The relationship between the spot
radius and the apparent QE (EQE) was measured.
  2439   Fri Nov 1 12:47:18 2019 KojiLaserPD QEPD EQE vs Spot sizeClipping and saturation were investigated
by the semi-analytical model. In the analysis,
the waist radius of 20um at the micrometer
  2440   Tue Nov 5 20:06:36 2019 RaymondUpdateCryo vacuum chamberCooler to tank connectionAttached is a drawing of the first phase
(minimal vibration isolation) cryocooler
attachment, where the main tank connects
  2441   Wed Nov 6 17:05:33 2019 RaymondDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberConflat flange tighteningTightened all of the vacuum ports on the
chamber so that the flange interfaces are all
now metal-to-metal, ie full copper gasket
  2442   Mon Nov 11 22:19:09 2019 RaymondDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberChanges to preserve long strap for internal chamber useI've attached a photo of some changes
to the cryocooler-tank connection design.
We can save money and space by removing the
  2443   Tue Nov 12 03:40:39 2019 KojiLaserPD QEPD EQE vs Spot sizeThe QE of the (500um)^2 element has been
tested with a half-power (0.51mW) instead
of 0.92mW.
  2444   Tue Nov 12 17:44:39 2019 RaymondDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberTank UpdateLast week I moved the upper portion of
the crane to the new, bolted crane support
stand. Chub removed the wheeled lower section
  2445   Fri Nov 15 17:29:14 2019 RaymondLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabSee attached photos for the internal layout
of Zach's cantilever cryostat (all internal
components left in cryo lab (except the heater)) The
  2446   Fri Nov 15 20:10:00 2019 KojiSummary2micronLasersInAsSb PD Mounts designed

  Draft   Mon Nov 18 17:17:29 2019 DuoSummary Restart model in QIL labHere are the commands.

  2448   Tue Nov 19 20:16:40 2019 RaymondLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabThe cold plate breadboard holes are indeed

I've installed a new o-ring
  2449   Wed Nov 20 11:51:27 2019 RaymondMiscHVACDueling ventsIn the QIL and noticed that the vent above
the cryo chamber is heating the lab while
the vent above the 2um laser bench is blasting
  2450   Wed Nov 20 11:59:17 2019 KojiLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabAh, I have designed the PD holder with
the venting targeted for 1/4-20 holes with
1" grid...
  2451   Wed Nov 20 12:25:58 2019 KojiLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabThe large cryostat has 1/4-20 holes on
a 2 inch grid

The IR labs cryostat has 4-40 holes
  2452   Wed Nov 20 17:44:10 2019 KojiLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabHere you are.  P_20191120_174034_vHDR_On.jpgP_20191120_174040_vHDR_On.jpg 
  2454   Thu Nov 21 21:45:10 2019 RaymondLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabOrdered the electrical feedthrough from
IR Labs on overnight shipping. I've attached
the diagram of the feedthrough, 32 pin is
  2455   Thu Nov 21 21:58:27 2019 RaymondDailyProgressCryo vacuum chamberTank UpdateUpdate of our available electrical feedthroughs:

2 x 19
pin round with corresponding 
  2456   Fri Nov 22 13:21:26 2019 RaymondLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabRemoved the IR Labs cryostat window for
testing. It's on the cryocooler bench,
see attached photos
  2457   Fri Nov 22 15:33:40 2019 KojiLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabSalvaged an assort of vented/non-vented
screws, washers, spring washers, and clamps
for #4-40 & 1/4-20 from the 40m cleanroom
  2458   Sat Nov 23 13:00:06 2019 KojiLab InfrastructureOpticsOptical window transmission measurementThe power transmission of the optical window
for the IRLab cryostat was measured to be
  2459   Mon Nov 25 15:03:34 2019 KojiUpdatePD QEIn solder and PD mounts are in The PD mounts were delivered from ProtoLabs.
The order was sent on Tue last week and it's
here on Monday. Excellent!
  2460   Mon Nov 25 21:46:56 2019 KojiSummaryPD QESystem DiagramSystem diagram of the PD QE test with the
IRLabs cryostat.

  2461   Tue Nov 26 15:36:59 2019 RaymondLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabThe IR Labs cryostat is now pumping down.
The thor labs posts are necessary for centering
the optical port at a height of 5.5".
  2462   Tue Nov 26 18:49:11 2019 KojiUpdatePD QESocket soldering test piece madeNormal solder (Sn63 Pb37): with flux, wetting

Pure Indium - In 99.995: no flux,
  2463   Wed Nov 27 20:38:57 2019 KojiSummaryPD QESystem DiagramThe external Dsub cable is ready except
for the 32pin connector to be plugged-in
to the chamber. See QIL
  2464   Sun Dec 1 01:32:19 2019 KojiSummaryPD QEPD TEC cooling testWhile I'm still waiting for the proper
connector for the vacuum feedthru of the
IRLabs cryostat, I have connected to the
  2465   Tue Dec 3 13:52:04 2019 KojiUpdatePD QESocket soldering test piece made[Raymond and Koji]

We dunked the PD socket test piece
into LN2 and repeated heat cycle 8 times.
  2466   Tue Dec 3 15:32:39 2019 KojiSummaryPD QEPD TEC cooling testThe quantities we want to measure as a
function of the temperature:

- Temperature: 2.2k thermister
  2467   Wed Dec 4 13:54:04 2019 RaymondLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabUpdate on the 32 pin female connector:

Mouser's overnight delivery
was rejected on 12/3 by mail services for
  2468   Thu Dec 5 13:50:59 2019 KojiSummaryPD QEDark current measurement with the sourcemeterI borrowed KEITHLEY 2450 source meter from
Rich. The unit comes with special coaxial
cables and banana clips. Most of the peripherals
  2469   Fri Dec 6 00:13:12 2019 ChrisComputingCDSarbitrary waveform streaming on the cymacRecently Duo wanted to make an arbitrary
waveform excitation using the QIL cymac,
but it wasn't working.  An excitation
  2470   Mon Dec 9 02:15:39 2019 RaymondDailyProgressPD QEIR Labs Cryostat The IR Labs cryostat has its internals
wired and attached to the baseplate.
PD A2 was clamped and the vacuum pumps turned
  2471   Mon Dec 9 12:34:14 2019 KojiDailyProgressPD QE I can
see some screws are not vented.
You also need to use a vented screw for the
  2472   Mon Dec 9 14:03:52 2019 ChrisDailyProgressPD QEToward PD testing automation
A Keithley 2450 source meter will
be used to measure QE and dark current vs
bias.  It is on the QIL network as
  2473   Mon Dec 9 14:45:45 2019 KojiDailyProgressPD QEToward PD testing automationWow. This is great, thanks Chris.

  2474   Tue Dec 10 16:35:03 2019 AidanLaser2micronLasersCalibrated cryo-PD REF PD output in units of power incident on cryo chamber windowWe placed a power meter after the fiber
collimator, 75mm focal length lens and HR
mirror at 45 degrees - basically, we placed
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