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  101   Sat Nov 8 21:38:17 2008 DmassLaserPSLChiller Noise[quote]The new chiller was making a noise
(as reported to me by John).
  102   Tue Nov 25 17:12:01 2008 AidanThings to BuyFiberResidual things to buy for FS
A large fraction of the equipment is already
in the lab from Masha's experiment earlier
  103   Tue Nov 25 17:30:32 2008 AidanLaserFiberPreliminary noise budgets for fibre stabilization
Here are some preliminary noise budgets for
the FS experiment ... or rather, the setup
  104   Thu Jan 8 19:59:50 2009 AidanMiscGeneralEarthquake ...
Just felt the building shake. Didn't feel
as a large as last year's quake.
  105   Wed Jan 14 11:33:58 2009 AidanThings to BuyFiberResidual things to buy for FS - QWPs, HWPs, output coupler[quote]
A large fraction of the equipment is already
in the lab from Masha's experiment earlier
  106   Wed Jan 14 18:14:23 2009 AidanThings to BuyFiberResidual things to buy for FS - extra photodiodes[quote][quote]
A large fraction of the equipment is already
in the lab from Masha's experiment earlier
  107   Fri Jan 23 16:48:29 2009 DmassLaserPSLChiller noise and DeI waterJohn Miller emailed me about the chiller once
again whining. The water level was almost
at the "min" line, and he filled it. This
  108   Wed Mar 4 15:20:14 2009 pkingLaserPSLlaser re-aligned I fired up the laser this afternoon because
Ken Mailand wanted to
test the silicon beam dump.  The output power
  109   Thu Mar 5 19:24:06 2009 ken mailandLaserGeneral35 watt table beam dump

  110   Thu Apr 9 09:52:54 2009 alastairLab InfrastructureDAQDAQ up and runningThanks to the help of all the people I've
been hassling about this, the DAQ system
is up and running.
  111   Thu Apr 9 10:02:24 2009 alastairLab InfrastructureGeneralAudio/mp3We now have the right cable to connect
audio equipment with a standard 2.5mm headphone
jack (ipods etc) to the hi-fi.  Just
  112   Thu Apr 9 11:26:21 2009 alastairComputingDAQDAC now workingThe output from the DAQ is now working,
and the timing etc looks sensible, though
still at 64khz.  I've only tested the
  113   Fri Apr 17 20:04:17 2009 dmassComputingDAQADC no longer working!I was trying to get the ATF.mdl or OMS.mdl
system back up and running, but neither could
see fb0.
  114   Fri Apr 17 20:05:59 2009 AidanLab InfrastructureGeneralAnother workbench and a filing cabinetWe're starting to accumulate a lot of loose
data sheets and other paraphernalia. We should
arrange to get a small filing cabinet down
  115   Sun Apr 19 16:01:35 2009 dmassLaserPSLLaser OnI found the 35W on with the shutter closed
@ 4pm Sunday. It was off as of 8pm friday,
with the shutter closed. I checked the power
  116   Sun Apr 19 16:08:03 2009 dmassLaserPSLThe chiller wants new filtersThe chiller has been begging for new filters
for a while. I don't know if we ever starting
loggin the chiller data, but I expect the
  117   Mon Apr 20 18:03:44 2009 dmassComputingDAQADC no longer working!This all started when I did a cvs update.
I have forwarded my concerns, trials, and
tribulations to the russian.
  118   Wed Apr 22 11:33:24 2009 DmassComputingDAQDAQ back up and runningThis from Alex:

"Looks like we changed GM nodename
  119   Wed Apr 22 14:47:47 2009 DmassComputingDAQDAQ back up and runningThis got the oms system back up and running.
Data was going into the ADC, through the
filters, and back out the DAC.
  120   Thu Apr 23 15:25:35 2009 DmassComputingDAQATF Screens/DAQ up and running.I made screens for the lab from the atf.mdl
file which is in the /cvs/cds/advLigo/src/epics/simLink/
  121   Sat Apr 25 12:11:54 2009 ranaComputingDAQATF Screens/DAQ up and running.Cool. For properness all of the medm screens
should be in the /cvs/cds/caltech/medm/ directory.
We should
  122   Fri May 1 16:39:12 2009 AidanComputingCDSRCG make screwiness - how do i clean up old and failed makes?Had problems compiling/making the Realtime
Code Generator (RCG) example application
in the document T080135-00-C.
  123   Tue May 5 14:43:05 2009 AidanComputingCDSRCG make screwiness - how do i clean up old and failed makes? 
Found uninstall solution in DMass's
elog entry:
  124   Tue May 5 16:36:40 2009 AidanComputingCDSRealtime code generation (RCG) troubleshootingUseful things to try when making Simulink
models with RCG

When making a new model foo.mdl use
  125   Wed May 13 16:57:28 2009 DmassLaserPMC Relocking the PMCI have been working at relocking the PMC
and have been running into a lot of problems.
  126   Wed May 13 17:13:29 2009 DmassLaserPSLBeam ScansIn the course of troubleshooting the PMC
locking I took some beam scans of the PSL
  127   Thu May 14 20:57:22 2009 ranaLaserPMC Relocking the PMC[LIST]
[*] Instead of using the polarizer all the
way, set the polarizer to transmit a few
  128   Fri May 15 04:23:19 2009 DmassLaserPMC Relocking the PMC[U][B]Let there be lock. Picture included
  129   Fri May 15 14:13:18 2009 DmassLaserDoublingSHG OvensThey're here, hot, and ...stable?  shgoven.png 
  130   Fri May 15 17:32:30 2009 AidanComputingFiberStarted screen for Fiber Stabilization - and claiming CDS channelsI'd like to use ADC channels 13-16 for
the photodiodes in the FS experiment. Also
going to use DAC channel 16 for feeding back
  131   Fri May 15 17:41:43 2009 DmassLaserDoublingSHG Ovens

  132   Fri May 15 17:53:25 2009 DmassLaserPSLChiller making funny noisesThe chiller wants new filters really badly.
It was also making funny noises (somewhere
around 1 Hz) that didn't sound all that healthy.
  133   Fri May 15 18:27:01 2009 DmassLaserPMCNew table layout for PMCI have included pictures of the new table
layout below. I labeled what I consider "non
obvious optics"
  134   Sat May 23 16:04:57 2009 AidanLaserFiberBlocking out FS experiment ... I've started to to block out the
parts for the fiber stabilization experiment
as in the attached layout ... basically to
  135   Sat May 23 17:19:08 2009 AidanThings to BuyGeneralClamps, pedestals, mirror mounts, photodiodesUnless there is another stash somewhere,
we are now short of clamps (two or three
are now spare), 3" pedestals (four or
  136   Sat May 23 17:22:58 2009 AidanLaserFiberFS expt is blocked outI have blocked out the FS experiment. The
following stuff is not installed:
1. Partial reflector (PR1-1064-95-IF-1037)
  137   Sat May 23 17:39:46 2009 AidanLaserFiberFS expt is blocked out 

  138   Mon May 25 16:31:36 2009 AidanLaserFiberPhoto of FS setup   photo5.jpg 
  139   Mon Jun 1 15:59:42 2009 DmassLaserPSLChiller Almost EmptyThe chiller was making funny noises (tens
of seconds time scale brief grating type
noises - like if you took a piece of paper
  140   Tue Jun 23 19:16:53 2009 Michelle Stephens, Connor MooneyLaserFiberCalibration of FS NPRO output power vs drive currentWe measured the output of the FS NPRO Laser
at drive currents between 1 and 2.4 A, with
0.1A imcrements. The OPHIR powermeter was
  141   Wed Jun 24 15:17:59 2009 DmassComputingCDSNokia Wireless DeviceTo use the small Nokia wireless device:
1) Connect to cdsrana
  142   Thu Jun 25 10:44:46 2009 MichelleMiscGeneralWeekly Summary 1Over the course of the first week here
I've done several things. The first thing
we're going to try to do in the lab (once
  143   Fri Jun 26 17:20:45 2009 Michelle Stephens, Connor MooneyLaserFiberNPRO beam width divergence measurementsWe used the BeamScan to characterize the
divergence of the NPRO laser as a function
of distance. Measurements were taken at (1/e^2)*Imax.
  144   Sat Jun 27 22:09:36 2009 DmassLaserPSLI did some things in lab, some of which were bad.I fired up the 35W, and everything was
still working as per my last entry - we still
could lock the PMC, and were generating small
  145   Wed Jul 1 15:34:26 2009 Connor MooneyMiscFiberWeekly ReportMost of this week was spent on three tasks:
characterizing the beam divergence of the
NPRO Laser and fitting a curve to the data,
  146   Wed Jul 1 16:37:33 2009 Connor MooneyMiscFiberWeekly Report

  147   Wed Jul 1 17:06:30 2009 MStephensMiscGeneralNew Gyro Design and Week 2 SummaryI've done a few things this week. Connor
and I characterized his laser's beam divergence,
the results of which can be found on a previous
  148   Thu Jul 2 15:37:57 2009 AidanMiscFiberWeekly Report - query on previous reply

  149   Thu Jul 2 21:40:57 2009 Aidan, ConnorComputingDAQFrame builder shenanigansThere appears to be something screwy going
on with the frame builder - have some things
been compiled and others not? Either that
  150   Fri Jul 3 19:49:30 2009 AidanComputingDAQDAQ Map medm screen - Connectors and Channel namesI've created an medm screen that displays
the current data channels associated with
each of the connectors on the front of the
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