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  538   Tue Jan 19 18:16:53 2010 AidanLaserFiberDouble passed stabilization - mark II - hmmmI was very dubious of the previous measurement
- there was something about the way the stabilization
just suddenly engaged when I passed a threshold
  540   Thu Jan 21 23:02:36 2010 AidanLaserFiberCharacterizing fiber stabilization measurement - sidebands and mode-matching I'm in the process of completely
characterizing the fiber stabilization setup
before we pull it all apart. I discovered
  541   Fri Jan 22 11:09:45 2010 AidanLaserFiberWhitening filter and RF spectra data   FS_20M_3.zip 
  542   Fri Jan 22 11:59:57 2010 AidanLaserFiberWhitening filter in Pomona box data from SR785   SCRN0007.TXTSCRN0008.TXT 
  543   Fri Jan 22 15:08:50 2010 AidanLaserFiberCharacterizing fiber stabilization measurement - sidebands and mode-matching

  544   Fri Jan 22 15:10:35 2010 AidanLaserFiberWhitening filter in Pomona box data from SR785Here is the transfer function of the passive
whitening filter I am using.
Z = 0.35Hz, P = 84.7Hz
  545   Mon Jan 25 11:35:15 2010 AidanLaserFiberFiber layout - before dismantling Here is a schematic of the fiber
stabilization layout before the dismantling
due today. I have measured all the relevant
  551   Tue Jan 26 11:00:45 2010 AidanLaserFiberFiber stabilization loop transfer function measurements & calculationThere was an additional 200x gain (~46dB)
between V_B and V_A, where the measured transfer
function below is V_B/V_A. Hence the loop
  552   Tue Jan 26 13:52:44 2010 AidanLaserFiberFiber setup - voltages and power levels throughout the experiment The following values were measured
on the fiber setup - see experiment
setup for diagram of the experiment.
  553   Tue Jan 26 15:57:01 2010 AidanLaserFiberFS - phase noise measurements The phase and frequency noise measurements
for the fiber stabilization experiment. Includes
open & closed loop, as well as relative
  675   Wed Mar 17 08:48:32 2010 AidanLaserGYROGYRO CAVITY LOCKED IN BOTH DIRECTIONSBoffo!
Nice work lads.
  736   Wed Apr 28 09:24:01 2010 AidanComputingfubarelog craziness - test to try and crash elog - apparently PDFs work okay. Frank
is reporting continual crashes from last
night when uploading a graph of the particle
  753   Fri May 7 07:42:09 2010 AidanLab InfrastructureHVACRe-sealing and laser keysThe guys are back this morning to reseal
the vents. There are some green marks around
the place but also what looks like new red
  777   Tue May 18 09:43:55 2010 AidanComputingDAQKilled the DAQD process. It restarted automatically.I added some EPICS channels to the Hartmann
sensor softIoc and then added these to be
recorded in the frames.
  786   Mon May 24 17:35:41 2010 AidanLaserGeneralLasers powered downThe 35W laser and the Gryo NPRO have been
shutdown in preparation for tomorrow's conduit
installation work. The key for the 35W laser
  788   Wed May 26 17:13:07 2010 AidanLab Infrastructurestuff happensMoved a New Focus 9071 4-axis stage to 40m for doubling    
  805   Tue Jun 8 10:35:16 2010 AidanMiscstuff happensMoved some equipment to 40mI've taken the following items to the 40m.

    40MHz AOM
Broadband EOM
    2x New Focus
  830   Wed Jun 23 18:15:59 2010 AidanLab InfrastructureHVACNew temperature controllersWe now have two temperature controllers
in the lab:
A couple of weeks ago they installed
  836   Mon Jun 28 16:13:21 2010 AidanComputingGeneralcurrently no access to ATF from outside 
  859   Tue Jul 20 15:44:07 2010 AidanComputingGeneralFixed two new static IP addresses for TCS machinesI fixed two machines in the TCS lab to
have static IP addresses on the local network.
The Athena DAQ CentOS box: 'tcs_daq'
  860   Tue Jul 20 18:12:02 2010 AidanComputingDAQKilled the DAQD process. It restarted automatically.I killed and restarted the daqd process
because I wanted to add some 16Hz TCS channels
to the frame builder. These are from the
  910   Fri Aug 6 16:56:58 2010 AidanLab InfrastructureGeneralWHERE IS THE WINCAMD?Looks like Hurricane Dmass.

  966   Sat Aug 21 14:28:14 2010 AidanComputingCDSFront end rebuilt ----- BURT notes


  1101   Tue Oct 5 12:53:26 2010 AidanComputingGeneralAdded link to the users directory in the root directory on ws1/users links to /cvs/users
(syntax to do this was "ln
-s /cvs/users /users")
  1325   Mon Feb 28 17:47:33 2011 AidanComputingDAQRestarted DAQD on fb1I added some Hartmann Sensor channels to
the frames and restarted DAQD on fb1 to include
  1356   Thu Mar 17 15:09:18 2011 AidanMiscstuff happensLVC Lab TourVisitors to the lab ...  P1000411.JPGP1000412.JPGP1000413.JPG 
  1389   Tue Apr 12 22:47:38 2011 AidanComputingDAQAdded TCS channels and restarted daqdhttp://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8080/TCS_Lab/135   
  1397   Fri Apr 22 20:17:42 2011 AidanMiscANTS!They're heeeerrrreeThe ants are back again and it's only going
to get worse over summer.
We have ant poison in the TCS lab.
  1583   Tue Jan 3 15:59:07 2012 AidanComputingComputingDirectory clean up I've moved
all the old medm directories into an archive
  1780   Sat Nov 3 13:20:27 2012 AidanComputingComputingRe-compiled Real Time Model with TCS channels I saved the existing ATF model as
atf.mdl.ctrl and built a modified version
for some temporary TCS real-time work for
  1781   Mon Nov 5 13:12:53 2012 AidanComputingComputingTCS aLIGO Real-Time modelThe C2ATF model with aLIGO TCS controls
is now running correctly on fb0. 
I followed the standard troubleshooting
  1841   Sat Jun 8 10:40:15 2013 AidanComputingGeneralHow to make high quality plots in MatlabAnother (incredibly) useful suggestion:
Always add the filename used to generate
plots to your plot ... so when you post/print
  1993   Tue Aug 4 10:43:21 2015 AidanComputingGeneralFB0 unresponsive. Rebooting.FB0 was unresponsive from the network.
I am trying a hard reboot of it.
  2056   Sun Jul 31 09:06:43 2016 AidanComputingTempCtrlTemplate PID servo script from eLIGO daysI've attached a template PID servo
Perl script that we used during the eLIGO
days for temperature control of the TCS chillers.
  2057   Mon Aug 1 15:33:25 2016 AidanMiscANTS!It's summer. The ants are back. I have laid down some ant baitOne in the TCS Lab. One by the ATF door.
I have more ant bait available in the TCS
  2066   Thu Sep 29 08:21:07 2016 AidanLaser2micronLasersTwo micron fiber set-up (dry run)I set up most of the two micron fiber optics
as described in T1600146. I discovered that
(a) our 90:10 splitters were accidentally
  2079   Tue Jan 3 16:27:41 2017 AidanLaserTMTFTwo micron test facility - v1: mocked up and lockedTwo micron
test facility set up.

Before the
holiday break, I set up the first stage of
  2082   Wed Jan 25 11:41:55 2017 AidanComputingCymacsPulled old IO chassis and FB0We want to set up a new Cymacs in the ATF.
It would be much cheaper if we don't
have to order new ADC and DAC cards.
  2083   Fri Jan 27 13:36:04 2017 AidanLab InfrastructurePEMGot old PEM sensors running with Windows 7 OPC serverI have set up a dedicated Windows 7 machine
in the TCS lab to be the OPC server for the
Newport Temperature sensors. 
  2085   Wed Apr 5 11:54:31 2017 AidanComputingPEMTemperature data being written to fileI forgot to note this last Friday. The
temperature data from the labs is now being
written to file in a somewhat brute force
  2088   Wed Apr 19 14:34:10 2017 AidanLaserTMTFEblana laser diode intensity noise spectraI measured the intensity noise of the Eblana
EP2004-D laser diode. I confirmed that the
intensity noise is above the dark noise of
  2091   Fri Apr 21 16:06:51 2017 AidanElectronicsCamerasPhosphor coated camera shows ZERO response at 2004nmJohannes and I took the phospor
coated CCD camera (from the cryo lab)
down to the ATF to see the response to 2004nm.
  2093   Fri Apr 28 13:54:35 2017 AidanLaserPD QEDET10D QE at 2004nm measured (it was 0.79)I set up a measurement of the DET10D QE
at 2004nm. I supplied the Eblana 2004nm fiber-coupled
laser diode with 45mA of current. I first
  2095   Tue May 2 11:11:16 2017 AidanLaserTMTFDET-10 intensity noise - round 2I've done a more thorough examination
of the Eblana 2004nm intensity noise
spectrum. Unfortunately, there is something
  2096   Tue May 2 11:15:41 2017 AidanLaserTMTFDET-10 intensity noise - round 2If the diode shut resistance was really
low (like 10 Ohms), then this might explain
what we're seeing. Unlikely, but the
  2098   Tue May 2 15:31:24 2017 AidanComputingCymacsATF Cymacs FB4 built - only OS and RTSCDS package right nowI've installed Debian 8 on the new
ATF Cymacs and called the machine FB4.

  2117   Wed Jun 7 15:19:30 2017 AidanElectronicsCamerasTwo micron camera light-saber test of Pembroke Widy cameraI ran the 1550nm laser through the silicon
piece at 11mW incident power. The laser current
was set to 100mA and the output power was
  2118   Wed Jun 7 15:30:46 2017 AidanElectronicsCamerasTwo micron camera light-saber test of Pembroke Widy cameraSome more plots of the data, including
a mean of the columns in the image of the
silicon. The silicon piece is about 60mm in
  2170   Thu Aug 24 13:47:00 2017 AidanSafetyGeneralLeak in the ATF LabYesterday the leak was worse. And there
was a smell of foul effluent in the lab.
And some brown water by the bottom of the
  2177   Fri Sep 15 14:12:38 2017 AidanLab InfrastructureGeneralQIL (ATF) Lab preparation for the plumbing work[Aidan, Gabriele, Eric]

We have wrapped the two optical
tables in plastic. The flammables cabinet
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