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  270   Tue Aug 18 08:50:56 2009 AidanComputingDAQOverflows on DAQ channelsSpotted a ton of accumulating overflows
on the DAQ - specifically the output for
DMass's PZT on his PMC.
  273   Tue Aug 18 17:49:52 2009 AidanLaserFiberMZ beam overlap after tweaking alignment: better @ 9% but still lowI improved the alignment into the recombination
beam splitter using the TV camera to overlap
the beams in the near and far fields of the
  274   Wed Aug 19 09:42:38 2009 AidanComputingDAQOverflows: PMC PZT output in the billions of counts ... burtrestore issue?Came in and found the PMC_PZT output trying
to deliver an obscenely large number of counts
to the DAC.
  279   Fri Aug 21 18:44:33 2009 AidanLab InfrastructureGeneralMarconi Memory Setting 103 - 80.0001MHzAdded another setting to the memory of
the Marconi - #103.
Same as memory setting #102
  281   Sat Aug 22 21:04:28 2009 AidanLaserFiberClosed Loop on Single Pass again - strange saturation at low freq. After improving the overlap between the
two beams on the PDs and increasing the power
incident on each PD, I closed the loop again.
  282   Sun Aug 23 12:37:54 2009 AidanLaserFiberLow Freq Acoustic Noise source [50-200Hz] identified 
When testing the performance of a
loop in the range between 50 and 200Hz, I
  283   Sun Aug 23 12:41:18 2009 AidanMiscGeneralLower lab temperature 3 degrees. Too warm in here.Changed the set point on the temperature
in the lab to 61F from 64F.
  284   Sun Aug 23 18:21:32 2009 AidanLaserDAQWhitening Filter for Fiber signals into DAQ   FILT-AB1.zip 
  309   Tue Sep 15 13:30:02 2009 AidanElectronicsFiberWhitening Filter transfer functionThe whitening filter added to the FS out
of loop path.
Pole  ~73Hz
  311   Tue Sep 15 16:45:04 2009 AidanElectronicsFiberEffect of whitening filter on fiber stabilization out of loop PDThe additional passive whitening filter
(zero at 0.34Hz and pole at 83.7Hz) and the
500x gain added to the out of loop photodetector
  314   Wed Sep 16 06:52:57 2009 AidanElectronicsFiberWhitening Filter transfer functionI don' trust the measured and fitted transfer
function because it's a little noisy and
they also look railed at very low frequencies.
  315   Wed Sep 16 09:49:51 2009 AidanElectronicsFiberOpen and closed loop fiber noise with wnd without whitening filterEffect of whitening filter is shown in
attached plot. With the loop closed and no
filter we lose dynamic range at high frequencies.
  321   Wed Sep 16 17:15:59 2009 AidanComputingFiberWhitening filter and noise spectraAs before but with electronics noise added.
  322   Thu Sep 17 08:22:16 2009 AidanLaserGeneralChiller warning - DI cartridge needs changingThe 35W laser chiller was beeping this
morning when I came in. The status message
was 'Chang DI'.
  323   Thu Sep 17 09:48:19 2009 AidanLaserFiberClosed loop with DAQ. Success.I closed the fiber noise stabilization
loop through the DAQ. The error signal from
PD1 goes to a whitening filter goes through
  324   Thu Sep 17 09:53:06 2009 AidanLab InfrastructurePurchasesLighting for benchI purchased some strip lighting from McMaster
Carr to illuminate the bench opposite the
computer. They fit quite nicely but I'm a
  327   Thu Sep 17 16:14:36 2009 AidanLaserFiberYesterday's spectra with shot noise includedHere is yesterday's plot of the suppressed
whitened-dewhitened fiber noise with the
approximate shot noise added. The measured
  328   Thu Sep 17 18:22:05 2009 AidanComputingFiberLoop closed with DAQ. Script running overnight 
Am running the following script overnight
to increase the loop gain for the fiber loop
  338   Fri Sep 18 16:07:15 2009 AidanLaserFiber(nearly) Calibrated noise spectra through DAQI've closed the loop through the DAQ and
have measured the phase noise and frequency
noise as shown in the attached plot. There's
  344   Tue Sep 22 14:45:51 2009 AidanElectronicsFiberDAQ transfer function - phase delay bit me as wellLike others before me I have been bitten
by the phase delay in the DAQ. The transfer
function of the FS DAQ setup, as illustrated
  346   Wed Sep 23 19:29:38 2009 AidanElectronicsFiberVCO and mixer transfer function - saturated.VCO1E3HZ.MAT - transfer function, Vin =
500mV amplitude, 0mV offset, FMDevn = 1kHz
VCO1E5HZ.MAT - transfer function,
  356   Mon Sep 28 20:40:53 2009 AidanMiscstuff happensPlease do not leave the permanent marker by the whiteboard ...    
  363   Tue Oct 6 23:37:06 2009 AidanLab InfrastructureGeneralEnclosure and cable tray installationThe cable trays were installed overhead
last Thursday and Friday. Tables were covered
with large plastic sheets. The installation
  364   Wed Oct 7 00:05:17 2009 AidanMiscFiberIntraaction 70 MHz AOM - photosHere are some photos of the inside of the
70MHz Intraaction AOM that we're using temporarily
in the FS experiment. I'm not sure what the
  365   Wed Oct 7 00:51:35 2009 AidanLaserFiberAOM installed and running on far side of fiberI've installed an AOM on the far side of
the fibre to shift the frequency of the transmitted
beam by 70MHz. We're driving it with a +2dBm
  366   Wed Oct 7 01:14:26 2009 AidanLaserFiberAOM installed and running on far side of fiber

  367   Wed Oct 7 02:47:41 2009 AidanMiscstuff happensDigital camera is in my office    
  370   Wed Oct 7 22:00:43 2009 AidanLaserFiberBeam profile of double-passed transmission from fiber.This beam was picked off by the PBS, as
shown in the previous elog. It looks extremely
Gaussian. It goes through a waist around
  371   Wed Oct 7 22:04:49 2009 AidanLaserFiberFS layout

  375   Sat Oct 10 00:44:36 2009 AidanLaserFiberMZ phase/frequency noiseSince the phase noise in the reference
arm in the fiber stabilization experiment
will be imposed on the laser I thought I'd
  424   Fri Nov 6 19:46:57 2009 AidanLaserFiberVCO phase noise requirements for Fiber Stabilization I calculated the maximum phase noise
allowable from the VCO. This noise will be
suppressed by the same amount as the open
  426   Sun Nov 8 13:14:43 2009 AidanLaserFiberCorrection: VCO phase noise requirements for Fiber Stabilization


  428   Sun Nov 8 14:23:46 2009 AidanLaserFiberVCO as LO phase noise requirements for FS


  429   Mon Nov 9 10:36:04 2009 AidanLaserFiberVCO as LO phase noise requirements for FS Added Sigg's model phase noise numbers
(had to interpolate down to 1Hz from 10Hz)
and Mott's Marconi measurements to the VCO
  435   Fri Nov 13 12:54:57 2009 AidanComputingDAQNaming conventions ...There are now four "sites" in
data viewer. [C, C2, C3, C4].
This needs to be fixed. C1 = 40m,
  442   Sun Nov 15 13:50:48 2009 AidanLaserFiberFrequency Counter: BK Precision 1856D 
I'm not sure when it first arrived
but this has been in one of the cupboards
  444   Mon Nov 16 11:33:16 2009 AidanComputingDAQUnable to restart framebuilder ...I can't get the framebuilder restarted
because the network topology is now totally
different and the old commands now seem obselete.
  445   Mon Nov 16 11:50:27 2009 AidanComputingDAQUnable to restart framebuilder ...

  447   Tue Nov 17 12:17:33 2009 AidanLaserFiberBeam propagation after partial reflector on far side of fiberHere is the measured beam propagation from
the fiber side of the fiber. The ellipticity
is coming from the AOM.
  449   Tue Nov 17 16:27:17 2009 AidanLaserFiberAdded cylindrical lenses to fiber transmission

  450   Tue Nov 17 18:46:36 2009 AidanLaserFiberHeterodyne beat on far side of fiberI combined the single-pass transmission
through the fiber (1x -80MHz and 1x +70MHz)
with a pick-off from the NPRO and observed
  458   Fri Nov 20 10:59:29 2009 AidanLaserFiberOut of loop measurement of stabilized fiber phase noise

  470   Mon Dec 7 14:01:18 2009 AidanComputingfubarFront-end is down ...I tried to make a change to the front-end
in Simulink and compile it on fb0 - which
is supposedly now our front-end machine.
  472   Mon Dec 7 17:18:40 2009 AidanComputingDAQFront-end is back up (Alex's comments)

  499   Thu Dec 17 19:52:22 2009 AidanComputingDAQframebuilding funniness - "hold please"

  500   Thu Dec 17 20:40:35 2009 AidanComputingDAQRestarting DAQ - something else to avoidI had some issues restarting the FE. It
turned out there was a typo in C2ATF.ini
so one of the data rates was 2^N. I fixed
  533   Sat Jan 16 23:16:45 2010 AidanComputingDAQRestarted front end ... and then it brokeI switched some channels to acquire for
the fiber stuff. That is, after saving the
current version of C2ATF.ini as C2ATF.ini.old100116,
  535   Mon Jan 18 17:53:13 2010 AidanComputingDAQFront end restarted - "burtrestore = 1" was the trickGot the front-end going again. It turned
out to be straight forward. I tried the following:

    Restored C2ATF.ini from
  536   Tue Jan 19 09:17:09 2010 AidanComputingDAQNew fiber channels in frameI added the following channels to C2ATF.ini
# The follwoing channels were added
  537   Tue Jan 19 09:18:47 2010 AidanLaserFiberDouble passed stabilization - mark III closed the loop again on the fiber stabilziation.
The attached times series shows the out of
loop noise being surpressed substantially.
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