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  2044   Fri Mar 4 16:18:45 2016 KojiMiscGeneralPhotos of the experimenthttps://goo.gl/photos/FaqFC7tuxz76m2236   
  2046   Sun Mar 6 02:25:47 2016 KojiMiscGeneral PD glass reflections OMC_Lab/252   
  2127   Wed Jun 28 20:05:02 2017 KojiUpdateWOPOPDs for homodyne detectorI beieve that they are Exelitas C30642.
FYI: There also is one on the former-gyro
optical table. This one doesn't have
  2129   Fri Jun 30 12:17:07 2017 KojiUpdateWOPOMode Matching Woes - Fibre issuesMeasure the profile of the back propagation
beam by injecting a beam from the other side.
This gives you how the input mode
  2131   Sun Jul 2 21:21:39 2017 KojiUpdateWOPOMode Matching Woes - Fibre issuesJenne's laser at the 40m PD testing
table is a fiber coupled 1064nm DL.

But you just can couple 5~10% of
  2132   Wed Jul 5 16:44:34 2017 KojiUpdateWOPOPDs for homodyne detectorCorrection: If the diode is 3mm x 3mm,
it is Excelitas C30665.
  2139   Mon Jul 17 19:36:59 2017 KojiMiscGeneralAnts in the labI thought the ants we usually have around
us are Argentine Ants. I agree that they
are not primarily attracted to sugar but
  2286   Fri Dec 21 15:33:26 2018 KojiDailyProgressWOPODiabolo: trialing SHG oven set temperature points to see if there is a maxima when lockedThis means that you want to make the SHG
crystal longer. Is that true? If so, can
you change the temperature for the optimal
  2290   Mon Dec 24 12:07:18 2018 KojiDailyProgressWOPODiabolo: back to power with deliberate pre-misalignmentGreat recovery job!

  2299   Mon Feb 25 20:42:32 2019 KojiSummaryScatterometerSi Block stored in Cryo LabOn the Friday cleaning, we vacated the
east optical table. The Si scatterometer
was disassembled and the Si block was moved
  2359   Wed Jun 5 14:16:07 2019 KojiUpdate2micronLasers2um laser / cryo stat: setup inspection and action item updates[Aidan, Chris, Koji]

We went down to the lab to check
the situation of the setups for 2um laser
  2366   Wed Jun 26 11:45:09 2019 KojiSummary2micronLasers2um PD transimpedanceThe transimpedance amps for the 2um (unamped)
InGaAs detectors were made and evaluated.

  2368   Mon Jul 1 21:20:55 2019 KojiSummary2micronLasersThe PDs delivered to the labThe amplifier sets for the thorlabs 2um
PDs were delivered to the lab.

- PD1 and Amp1, PD2 and Amp2 are
  2373   Mon Jul 22 20:36:35 2019 KojiElectronics2micronLasersSockets for LaserComponents PDsWe received the TO-66 sockets for LaserComponents
PDs (Andon Electronics F425-1009-01-295V-R27-L14
Qty.10). It is made of FRP. It is very nicely
  2378   Mon Jul 29 15:46:50 2019 KojiLaser2micronLasersOptical Phase noise of 2 um Mach Zehnder Interferometer.Great! Can you convert this into the laser
frequency noise Hz/rtHz? I believe this [rad/rtHz]
was still the measured phase noise and was
  2387   Sun Aug 11 14:35:41 2019 KojiNoise Budget2micronLasersNoise Analysis of voltage regulator using SR785 Spectrum AnalyserQuestions:

1) Has the DC output voltages of
the regulators checked?
  2389   Sun Aug 11 22:34:50 2019 KojiNoise Budget2micronLasersNoise Analysis of voltage regulator using SR785 Spectrum Analyser3. You need to flip the direction of the

1&2 OK, so the circuits were
  2393   Mon Aug 12 15:17:05 2019 KojiNoise Budget2micronLasersNoise Analysis of Voltage Regulator using SR785 Spectrum Analyser1. Heat: Check the polarity of the electrolytic
or tantalum caps. 

2. Add 0.1uF high-K ceramic caps
  2400   Thu Aug 15 02:30:29 2019 KojiSummary2micronLasersInAsSb PDs accomodated in PD housings / PD cablesInAsSb PDs were housed in the PD cages.
The cages were engraved to indicate the batch
(Sb3512 or 3513) and the serials (A1, A2,
  2404   Fri Aug 16 01:28:28 2019 KojiSummary2micronLasersSwitchable breakout bokDB9 switchable breakout box is ready. We
are ready to do some PD test now.
  2409   Fri Aug 23 17:35:37 2019 KojiNoise Budget2micronLasersNoise Analysis of Circuit using SR785 Spectrum Analyser and Zero SimulationThe TF looks good. But the noise measurement
is obviously limited by the SR785 noise.
We need a preamp, which is only for the purpose
  2412   Thu Aug 29 15:36:49 2019 KojiNoise Budget2micronLasersNoise Bump observed at 8kHz during TIA noise analysisYou need to check the voltage noise of
the regulator outputs with the opamps connected.
Probably you did it. If so, it is a riddle
  2420   Tue Sep 10 18:38:18 2019 KojiNoise BudgetPD noiseDark Noise measurement of Extended InGaAs - Previously, your TIA was pretty much
dominated by the thermal noise current of
the 5K transimpedance resistor (=0.129/sqrt(5000)
  2423   Mon Sep 23 10:49:27 2019 KojiSummaryPD QEQE and dark current of InAsSb sensorsThe QE and dark current of all
the InAsSb sensors were measured.
All the measurements were done in room temperature.
  2424   Mon Sep 23 23:48:12 2019 KojiUpdate2micronLasers2um sensor cards / focusing opticsFiber Collimator (Thorlabs F028APC-2000+AD11F+LMR1)
and MIR sensor cards (Thorlabs VRC6S Qty2)
were delivered.
  2425   Wed Sep 25 01:05:30 2019 KojiSummaryPD QEQE and dark current of InAsSb sensorsThe lenses were arranged so that the spot
on the PD can become smaller. A quick measurement
on a (500um)^2 element showed the QE of ~80%
  2436   Tue Oct 22 15:55:52 2019 KojiElectronicsGeneralBorrowed ITC510 from CryoFrom Cryo Cav setup

Borrowed ITC510 Laser Driver/TEC
controller combo -> QIL
  2438   Thu Oct 31 18:31:10 2019 KojiLaserPD QEPD EQE vs Spot sizeInAsSb PD QE Test

The relationship between the spot
radius and the apparent QE (EQE) was measured.
  2439   Fri Nov 1 12:47:18 2019 KojiLaserPD QEPD EQE vs Spot sizeClipping and saturation were investigated
by the semi-analytical model. In the analysis,
the waist radius of 20um at the micrometer
  2443   Tue Nov 12 03:40:39 2019 KojiLaserPD QEPD EQE vs Spot sizeThe QE of the (500um)^2 element has been
tested with a half-power (0.51mW) instead
of 0.92mW.
  2446   Fri Nov 15 20:10:00 2019 KojiSummary2micronLasersInAsSb PD Mounts designed

  2450   Wed Nov 20 11:59:17 2019 KojiLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabAh, I have designed the PD holder with
the venting targeted for 1/4-20 holes with
1" grid...
  2451   Wed Nov 20 12:25:58 2019 KojiLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabThe large cryostat has 1/4-20 holes on
a 2 inch grid

The IR labs cryostat has 4-40 holes
  2452   Wed Nov 20 17:44:10 2019 KojiLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabHere you are.  P_20191120_174034_vHDR_On.jpgP_20191120_174040_vHDR_On.jpg 
  2457   Fri Nov 22 15:33:40 2019 KojiLab InfrastructureGeneralMoved IR Labs cryostat into QIL from Cryo LabSalvaged an assort of vented/non-vented
screws, washers, spring washers, and clamps
for #4-40 & 1/4-20 from the 40m cleanroom
  2458   Sat Nov 23 13:00:06 2019 KojiLab InfrastructureOpticsOptical window transmission measurementThe power transmission of the optical window
for the IRLab cryostat was measured to be
  2459   Mon Nov 25 15:03:34 2019 KojiUpdatePD QEIn solder and PD mounts are in The PD mounts were delivered from ProtoLabs.
The order was sent on Tue last week and it's
here on Monday. Excellent!
  2460   Mon Nov 25 21:46:56 2019 KojiSummaryPD QESystem DiagramSystem diagram of the PD QE test with the
IRLabs cryostat.

  2462   Tue Nov 26 18:49:11 2019 KojiUpdatePD QESocket soldering test piece madeNormal solder (Sn63 Pb37): with flux, wetting

Pure Indium - In 99.995: no flux,
  2463   Wed Nov 27 20:38:57 2019 KojiSummaryPD QESystem DiagramThe external Dsub cable is ready except
for the 32pin connector to be plugged-in
to the chamber. See QIL
  2464   Sun Dec 1 01:32:19 2019 KojiSummaryPD QEPD TEC cooling testWhile I'm still waiting for the proper
connector for the vacuum feedthru of the
IRLabs cryostat, I have connected to the
  2465   Tue Dec 3 13:52:04 2019 KojiUpdatePD QESocket soldering test piece made[Raymond and Koji]

We dunked the PD socket test piece
into LN2 and repeated heat cycle 8 times.
  2466   Tue Dec 3 15:32:39 2019 KojiSummaryPD QEPD TEC cooling testThe quantities we want to measure as a
function of the temperature:

- Temperature: 2.2k thermister
  2468   Thu Dec 5 13:50:59 2019 KojiSummaryPD QEDark current measurement with the sourcemeterI borrowed KEITHLEY 2450 source meter from
Rich. The unit comes with special coaxial
cables and banana clips. Most of the peripherals
  2471   Mon Dec 9 12:34:14 2019 KojiDailyProgressPD QE I can
see some screws are not vented.
You also need to use a vented screw for the
  2473   Mon Dec 9 14:45:45 2019 KojiDailyProgressPD QEToward PD testing automationWow. This is great, thanks Chris.

  2475   Wed Dec 11 01:29:26 2019 KojiSummaryPD QESb3513 A2P6 Dark Current / QE / Dark Noise measurement @77K[Raymond, Aidan, Chris, Koji]

P6 element (500um)^2

- We looked at the current amp
  2482   Fri Dec 20 21:58:14 2019 KojiUpdatePD QEPD TEC driver / A2P6 aligned / Lens moved==
Currently, A2P6 is aligned ==

1) I've brought another TEC driver
  2483   Fri Dec 20 22:26:19 2019 KojiUpdatePD QEPD TEC driver / A2P6 aligned / Lens movedThe QEs were measured at 293K, 239K, 232K,
and 293K again. The cooling was provided
by the PD TEC.  At each temperature,
  2488   Thu Feb 27 14:26:52 2020 KojiSummaryLab MonitoringItem lending: Particle Counter from OMC Lab to QILItem lending as per Ian's request:
Particle Counter from OMC Lab to QIL

The current particle class of
ELOG V3.1.3-