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  1564   Wed Nov 9 00:39:52 2011 ZachLaserfubarWhat not to do to a dogclampThis is what one of the stainless steel
dogclamps looked like when I removed it from
  287   Thu Aug 27 20:00:59 2009 AlastairLab Infrastructurestuff happensLensesI ordered some lenses for the lens kit.   
  288   Thu Aug 27 21:40:20 2009 (not) AlastairLab Infrastructurestuff happensLenses

  289   Fri Aug 28 10:26:12 2009 AlastairLab Infrastructurestuff happensLenses

  290   Fri Aug 28 10:52:35 2009 AlastairLab Infrastructurestuff happensLenses

  291   Fri Aug 28 12:26:14 2009 DmassLab Infrastructurestuff happensLensesI thought we wanted the straight up 1064
only coating on these (AR.33)?
According to Newport:
  292   Fri Aug 28 12:39:00 2009 AlastairLab Infrastructurestuff happensLenses

  356   Mon Sep 28 20:40:53 2009 AidanMiscstuff happensPlease do not leave the permanent marker by the whiteboard ...    
  367   Wed Oct 7 02:47:41 2009 AidanMiscstuff happensDigital camera is in my office    
  476   Wed Dec 9 11:53:42 2009 FrankLaserstuff happenslaser data unavailable since 1 weekthe laser data is not available since i
left last week. Can some plz check the IBM
laptop computer sitting in the rack on top
  681   Thu Mar 18 15:59:46 2010 FrankLaserstuff happensAmplifier serviceWe tried to adjust the pump light in xtal
1, since it seems to be a little too high
- no success, so we aligned it (and the mirror
  751   Thu May 6 19:45:10 2010 DmassLaserstuff happensChalkboard   Discipline.gif 
  788   Wed May 26 17:13:07 2010 AidanLab Infrastructurestuff happensMoved a New Focus 9071 4-axis stage to 40m for doubling    
  805   Tue Jun 8 10:35:16 2010 AidanMiscstuff happensMoved some equipment to 40mI've taken the following items to the 40m.

    40MHz AOM
Broadband EOM
    2x New Focus
  970   Tue Aug 24 02:38:42 2010 ZachLaserstuff happensThorLabs power meter head appears damaged While I was using the ThorLabs power
meter today, I noticed that the slide-out
filter appears to have a small bump on it
  971   Tue Aug 24 03:00:20 2010 DmassLaserstuff happensThorLabs power meter head appears damagedSomeone burned it.   
  999   Sun Aug 29 23:04:17 2010 ranaLab Infrastructurestuff happenslab cleanupThe lab has turned into a pit again. Please
clean up your stuff. There cannot be tools
lying around or drinks or water bottles or
  1027   Thu Sep 9 00:22:14 2010 DmassElectronicsstuff happensNewport 3040 fukt?I spent the better half of the day trying
to debug the 3040 - I returned to an old
working hardware setup with some extra 100
  1028   Thu Sep 9 05:17:19 2010 DmassElectronicsstuff happensWho cares!I switched to using one newport to control
both ovens (one has no sensor, is just getting
the actuation signal from teh other).
  1033   Thu Sep 9 18:31:48 2010 DmassElectronicsstuff happensWho cares!I switched both HEPAs on to "low"
and relocked the PMC at 6:40 PM today.
8:07 PM - both HEPAs turned to "med"
  1035   Thu Sep 9 21:12:50 2010 DmassElectronicsstuff happensRouter Crashed again?Router crashed? Can't get channel list.
- Had Tara restart router, still
can't get channel list. Was fine this afternoon.
  1036   Thu Sep 9 21:45:26 2010 DmassElectronicsstuff happensRouter Crashed again?

  1037   Thu Sep 9 21:56:29 2010 DmassElectronicsstuff happensCan't get data from 40m network?Get_data worked without hitch when I used
a vpn caltech connection. I think I am on
the 40m ligo network (131.215...). I toggled
  1038   Thu Sep 9 21:57:37 2010 FrankElectronicsstuff happensRouter Crashed again?looks like you have to work in the lab
instead of sitting on the couch
  1039   Thu Sep 9 22:38:06 2010 ZachElectronicsstuff happensRouter Crashed again?I noticed yesterday that although mDV was
working again (I could get data by supplying
the channel names manually into get_data),
  1041   Fri Sep 10 01:03:21 2010 DmassElectronicsstuff happensWho cares!1:40-2:30 HEPA off, AC coupled temperature
being written.
  1042   Fri Sep 10 01:24:41 2010 DmassElectronicsstuff happensSR560 neededOne of the SR560's I was using to AC couple
my nice new temperature sensors is...broken?
It's output goes from tiny to railed with
  1043   Fri Sep 10 16:32:32 2010 DmassElectronicsstuff happensWho cares!

  1229   Mon Dec 20 00:49:55 2010 ranaMiscstuff happenstrivia   KEvsMOMENTUM.png 
  1353   Tue Mar 15 00:30:46 2011 ZachLaserstuff happensrecent gyro plots are LIES Due to an error somewhere in the
front end code, the channel that should have
been "PLL_ACT" was actually receiving
  1354   Tue Mar 15 12:34:33 2011 AlastairLaserstuff happensrecent gyro plots are LIES 
 Did you change anything since
then in the front-end code?  I'm looking
  1356   Thu Mar 17 15:09:18 2011 AidanMiscstuff happensLVC Lab TourVisitors to the lab ...  P1000411.JPGP1000412.JPGP1000413.JPG 
  1553   Tue Oct 18 16:38:27 2011 ZachMiscstuff happensATF floppy drive is missing Please bring it back---sharing is
  1883   Thu Jun 26 14:48:58 2014 ZachLaserstuff happensCalibration error ruins the dayA riddle: what, besides hard work and dedication,
causes a noise reduction? A calibration error!
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