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Entry  Wed Aug 25 16:54:57 2010, Dmass, Computing, Doubling, nds server down? 
    Reply  Thu Aug 26 15:57:54 2010, Frank, Computing, Doubling, nds server down? 
Message ID: 983     Entry time: Wed Aug 25 16:54:57 2010     Reply to this: 988
Author: Dmass 
Type: Computing 
Category: Doubling 
Subject: nds server down? 

I was unable to get the channel list via get_data in matlab with a presumably properly configured mdv_config file. Zach says he is epxeriencing the same woes. mDV doesn't work, ligoDV does, dataviewer does. I looked at the nds log file (in /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb/nds.log) and it seems to have stopped responding.

I heard scuttlebutt that this happened last week, and people found there was really poor/wrong documentatation on how to fix it. I found no record of these tribulations on the elog or the wiki. Maybe Frank or Alastair will read this and, in pity of us, post what happened last week, and maybe even what fixed the problem.

Confusion: There is both /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb/ and /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb1. When I looked at the log files, /cvs/cds/caltech/fb/nds.log seemed to be the one we were using recently (It had entries from August 9th - last night, when a DTT query for a test point from a DAQ channel seems to have crashed it). However, in /etc/inittab, it appears /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb1/start_nds.inittab is the file executed, which does not correspond to the nds log file which reflected our recent queries.

Contents of each:

  • cat /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb/start_nds.inittab
    exec env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/epics-3.14.7-i386/base/lib/linux-x86/:/usr/local-2.95.3/lib /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb/nds /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb/pipe >& /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb/nds.log
  • cat /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb1/start_nds.inittab
    exec su controls -c 'env /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb1/nds /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb1/pipe' >& /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb1/nds.log
  • cat /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb1/ndsproxy/start_ndsproxy

    # Startup script for NDS proxy
    # - should make this run in a cron or init tab

    # This is because sometimes the old proxy is running
    pkill tclshexe

    # This is the home directory for NDS Proxy
    #set dir = '/cvs/cds/caltech/target/ndsproxy'
    set dir = '/cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb1/ndsproxy'

    # The command string - the log file gets the PID in the file name
    echo "Starting NDSProxy"
    $dir/ndsproxy -l 8088 -s fb -p 8088  >>&! ${dir}/log/ndsproxy_`date +%e%b%y`_$$.log &
  • There is no /cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb/ndsproxy folder.
  • last line of cat /etc/inittab:

WHICH OF THESE THREE IS THE RIGHT ONE TO BE RUNNING? It would be wonderful to get this documented.

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